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    Odd random questions I have.

    What is the the top 5 lowest drop chance as far as mounts goes.
    What is the closest looking weapon that resembles this? It has to be one handed. It can be dagger or sword.
    Can a lvl 20 ride invincibles reins?

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    Azuresong Moonblade looks a little like it, if you don't mind a faint blue glow.

    And a level 20 should be able to ride Invincible.

    Have fun RPing

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    A lot of the <level 60 whites, greens and blue one handed swords are very plain like that have a look through them and find the one you like best.

    Here is a filtered list have a look: http://www.wowhead.com/items=2.7?fil...1:2:3;maxrl=60 (You can have a glance at the tooltip to exclude some obvious ones like scimitars and the like.

    Draenic Sparring Blade

    Something like that for example.

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    def some early on swords in elwynn forest may be ur best bet

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