Thread: I hate rogues.

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    I hate rogues.

    Okey, this is something that dates back to vanilla. The fact that rogues were INSANELY op back then and every 12 year old kid and mentally retarded rolled a rogue. I still cant shake this off, every time i see a rogue i just think back too the times during vannila.
    Is anyone else like me, or have you been able to shake this feeling off? (for all of you wrath babies, just watch world of roguecraft)

    (just fyi i played druid during vanilla. Was like two other ones on the entire server)
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    I have a rogue and no, but playing on my other classes, I feel the same way with a Warlock, built like a german tank. I met my worst nightmare the other day in bgs, a lock demo filled to the brim with high end pvp gear, he single handley save that bg and everybody knew it, now thats respect.

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    While it's true some classes frustrate me and many people have a class they just can't stand, that's really about it honestly. It's just a game and I don't think about it beyond that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zomgarn View Post
    (for all of you wrath babies, just watch world of roguecraft)

    you lost all credibílity right there sorry..

    i play rogue since classic never had any problemes with anyone , of course there have been many bad rogues but that even better for me cause poeple where actualy happy when i did a good job and i never had any problemes finding guilds

    But i guess its with evry class the same thing ,there bad players and very bad players xD
    Oh and actualy i think poeple hate DK's more then rogues :>

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    any feelings about rogues right now is nothing then illusions of your mind rogues are FAR from the thing you should be worried about in PVP right now.
    The world was just as bad when you were young as it is today. You only see it now because of your age.

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    I know where you are coming from played holy priest in vanilla and rogues was a nightmare

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    Well they suck now and I'm not even joking hell they don't even exist in BG's now Literally.

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    Rogues right now are funny, they just roll around you hitting you like five hundred times using all these abilities and it accomplishes nothing.

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    They were always pretty challenging for my mage, I liked that. Duels against good rogues were hard and very, very close.

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    I wish they would find a way to negate the feeling that rogues either are OP or Underpowered.

    I wish they would be good when played good, but they would be the worst peices of shit class ever if people didn't play them well, then not every mental retard and his mom would be able to play them, but skillful players.

    Right now they are just like this; 1 patch they are really OP, the next they suck, then they are OP for 3 years and then they really suck and every rogue goes "R.I.P ROGUE NEVER ABLE TO BE PLAYED AGAIN GGGG"

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    I just have the picture from a rogue I was playing with in my guild, the perfect profil, mentally retarded big mouth thinking he was the shit because of high dps, the time a warlock was up his ass in the dps meter he was crying outloud that lock where ridiculously op

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    We like to see constructive discussion. Saying that everyone who was "12 years old or mentally retarded" rolled a rogue, or calling anyone who didn't play in classic a "wrathbaby" doesn't start a discussion off on a good foot. Nevermind that there isn't really anything useful to discuss here.


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