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    [PvP] Feral druid major glyph choice

    So I've been watching both Sodapoppin his stream and Yipz his stream. They both use different major glyphs (besides the two standard glyph of barkskin and cat form glyphs).

    Sodapoppin uses glyph of savagery, while Yipz uses glyph of fae silence.

    I asked Yipz about his choice and he says fae silence is superior over glyph of savagery (12 sec SR). Can't remember why exactly.

    Now I've been trying out the glyph of fae silence as moonkin. But I noticed, that every time I used the glyph, my dmg goes down the drain because of the global CD I have to use to get back into moonkin form (I use the growl macro).

    Now.. my question is.. is the glyph of fae silence really superior over the glyph of savagery or any other major glyph?

    When I use the glyph of fae silence I'm pretty sure I'll have a tough time using it due to DRing the heck out of it.
    As for glyph of Savagery, I don't know how to execute my burst properly. Yipz told me he used Savage Roar at 3-4 CP and then bursts. While with the glyph of Savagery I'll be able to get strong bleeds up immediately, but will have to delay my ravage spam...

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    If I'm not mistaken, with the glyph of savagery, can't you proc SR and not break stealth? Thus enabling you to open with an enhanced ravage/pounce? and then put rip and rake on from there?

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    Savage Roar no longer breaks stealth, you don't need a glyph for that. However, you are right about the enhanced pounce/ravage opener.
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