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    Mumble PTT and SWTOR

    Hey guys, I played during release and I remember this issue, but I forget how I fixed it (or if I even did). My Mumble push-to-talk key is Left Control. If I am talking on Mumble and try then to move, I cannot. Is there a passthrough option or something I am missing?

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    You may have to go through your in-game keybinds and make sure that Ctrl is not bound to any of your movement keys. If it is, then I think the game would take that as priority over the PTT binding.
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    I checked, nothing was specifically control. Ctrl+s does sounds and whatnot. I'll try removing those to see.

    Edit: that didn't work either.

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    Not having any problems with it using left ctrl for "push to talk". Are you running the game in window mode?

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