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    Ele and which race?

    According to the guide it has Troll=orc>pandaren>goblin. I'm curious where the math of this comes from? I was a goblin and race changed troll to try it out. Berserking seems nice so far macroing it with Ascendance, but I almost fell like you waste one of them. Prior to Troll, I'd always make sure to have ascendance up for lust, but now if you do that your GCD capped. So, I guess I have two questions; where did the math for racials come from? And also should you just be doing your normal rotation during lust, and then using ascendance/berserking outside of it?

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    I dont know where the math came from regarding races but I would suggest to just not use brezerking when you pop ascendence with lust. Im facing the same problem kind of with the trinket Essence of Terror, whenever the trinket procs with Hero up my Lava Burst drops to 0.8 cast so Im trying to find that sweet spot reforging some haste to mastery so when I have both lust and EoT proc up Im not below 1 sec.

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