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    MMR Abuse punishments on EU

    Hello there.

    So, I am among those who abused the mmr exploita week back or so. I wont bother justifying why, but I am here to ask if they've forgotten to 'punish' the players who did this. Ever since the forum post, I've pretty much just been waiting around for Blizzard to come and take away my gear and hand me that 72 hour suspension, but it is not happening.
    I personally did not gain anything from abusing this exploit. I didn't get get an achievement and I already had 2200 from RBG. Some my teammates, however, did.
    Neither of us have gotten bans so far.

    Does anyone know if they've cancelled the punishment?

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    Most likely they're focusing on the more serious cases first. But then it wouldn't be a surprise if they missed a player or two who only 'tested' it without any greater gain.

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    Actually, everyone I know who did this have not gotten bans. The bans were almost instant on US

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    Typical US>EU prioritision from Blizzard.

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    The thing is, I cant play my main untill they've banned it. There is just no point. This 72 hour suspension is just getting longer and longer from every day that goes by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehahhaeueahe View Post
    The thing is, I cant play my main untill they've banned it. There is just no point. This 72 hour suspension is just getting longer and longer from every day that goes by.
    What can I say, you reap what you sow.

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    Ait. I figured it out - the blue post "THOSE WHO CHEATED WILL FEEL THE WRATH" (I.E. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/to...8177961?page=1 ) was just a stunt. They're not actually gonna do anything at all

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    You might not get banned at all. From what I've seen so far not a single person on the EU Realms has been banned for the abuse. A single guild is dominating the RP I'm on because they, most PvE people wintraded to have all the top teams in 3on3. Altough a few other teams who farmed them seem to have been able to sneak in too.

    These people were reported several times and nothing whatsoever happened. Hell they even bragged about it and invited other people to just do the same, because they were still looking for people to do it in 5on5 and are openly admitting what they did. The only reaction from an GM was that "a ticket isn't the correct way to report them". Apparently you have to hunt them down and report them over the "cheat" function, which effectively does nothing.

    Seems like the punishment and bans is US only. In the EU you're good to go. Unless these people really get banned I'm going to get the 2,7k achievments next time something like this turns up aswell. I'm kind of sick of people exploiting and cheating their ass of on the EU realms turning the whole thing into a giant joke and nothing ever happening to them.
    I still need those 2,4 and 2,7k achievments and since even PvE people by now get them by cheating I see less of an reason to not do the same each day.

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    I dont think you have to worry.
    I'd be surprised if Blizzard EU has even enough staff to deal with reports like this. Nobody ever gets banned on EU for anything.
    Well almost, some cases are just to severe and publicized I guess once every blue moon, PvE only of course because people get angry when top EU guilds exploit their first kills they are competing for in the US as well.

    Blizzard EU has just a minimal skeleton crew in place to keep things barely above complete-blackout-levels and ensure the cash-flow. You're safe (but nothing is ever guaranteed I guess)
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    Nothing will happen, but again... titles don't mean shit anymore =)

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