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    Ele Shaman UI

    Hello everbody! I am looking to set up a custom Ele UI. I have a resto one but was looking to see some others ele UI. If anyone wants to please post yours so I have something to work off of. Also what addons you are using. Thank you.

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    I can't post my UI on my phone, but here is a list of addons I use.

    - ClassTimer
    - Elvui
    - Bartender4
    - DBM (obvious)
    - Grid (As dps, it's the only raid frames you will need
    - Shadowed Unit Frame
    - Quartz

    Will post a picture when I get time.

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    Dude if I could offer one pc of UI advice it would be to get Endus' Weak Auras pack. Its helped me out a ton with my raiding.

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