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    Pebble from Deepholm. Talk about a real pet rock!

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    Alexstrasza because... well, look at her humanoid form.
    Or N'Zoth. Gigantic tentacled monster that can mind-rape people into his servants? What could go wrong with it?

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    My character and then i tell him to hand over the 450k gold he owns.
    That guy (>'.')>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deepsidedj View Post
    My character and then i tell him to hand over the 450k gold he owns.
    Chances of him complying - 0%

    For me - the cute Auctioneer Lympkin, my gnome has had the hots for her for years

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    "The character" that you play in the game. He will do anything you tell him too, you have to tell him and he will do it. Nobody how stupid it is, i am just gonna call it a quest. And as WoW is currently with all those dailys i could most likely have him do like 30 jobs for me a day. Oh and he can kill ally NPC's so he can't hurt me even if he wanted to. He is also immortal and stuff.. tho i damn well expect him to have a 2 person flying mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pateuvasiliu View Post

    - Huge dragon

    -Hawt as f-

    - Can breath life into people

    - Probably best healer on the planet

    1) The above quote

    2) Thrall. Thrall and I could become friends and save the planet together. (I'd probably be an engineer and help him out with devices).

    3) Anduin Wrynn. We see eye to eye, and I'd like to somehow befriend him.

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    This is a key
    Lich King / Sargaras. Why? Just to see what would happen..
    If I wasn't allowed to kill everyone, Alexstrasza.

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    There is no location, only Zuul

    Bring magic back to the world, since what's left of it is fabricated by wealth to create more wealth.
    There are no bathrooms, only Zuul.

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    Probably someone like General Nazgrim. You know someone who would still be useful in the real world where magic doesn't exist.

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    Illidan Stormrage ofc \o/
    “The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.”

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    Tirion Fordring, especially to Washington, D.C..

    Then march him over to Blizzard HQ to clean that rat's nest out.

    Honest government and honest business practices = a win for society.
    From the #1 Cata review on "Blizzard's greatest misstep was blaming players instead of admitting their mistakes.
    They've convinced half of the population that the other half are unskilled whiners, causing a permanent rift in the community."

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    Malfurion, so that he could start a real world Cenarion Circle. Powerful druidism to counter the constant pollution and other sort of environmental damage we produce would surely be very beneficial to the world. And when we finally get to Mars? Terraform the shit out of that globe. Then there's the healing aspect, our medical field would advance to a whole new level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImpTaimer View Post

    Bring magic back to the world, since what's left of it is fabricated by wealth to create more wealth.
    Just curious. When was it stated that Norgannon brought magic to Azeroth? As far as I'm aware, he only granted Malygos a portion of his power, whereas magic in general on Azeroth comes from the Ley Lines.

    I'd probably bring someone like A'dal over. The world needs a little more light.

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    The Lich King. So I may pledge my service and spread the plague thus ending the world!

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    If I bring someone not powerful enough they would be lost, people would think they are crazy (old clothes and shit, medieval thinking and stuff).

    If I bring a NE, BE, Orc or any other Non-Human they would immediately be seized by scientist thinking they are aliens and crap.

    Alexstrasza no matter how hot would be gunned down the moment she turned into a Dragon. Not to mention she looks Non-Human as well.

    I'll just bring Sargeras and be done with it. If I'll die (pretty obvious since everything in a 1000 miles radius from him gets incinerated) then everyone else will too.

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    Aman'Thul, leader of the Titans.

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    Ragnaros. If only to see what the hell would actually happen

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    Scratch that, a hearthstone is not an NPC :c

    I wouldn't mind Malfurion, maybe he would let me mount him to work and school (save some gas and it's green)
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    I was thinking Malfurion, but then I realized he'd be devastated to know his mate is just some pixels.
    I was thinking Shandris Feathermoon, since she's my favourite character in Warcraft, but just on her own she will probably get caged since people would think she's an alien.

    So that said, I will bring Cenarius. He's powerful enough to defend himself since there's no demon blood here. He's smart enough to do what is necessary to heal this world but can still understand the younger generations. All dryads and keepers spawned from him, so I can assume he can make more in real life. So we'd get a new race that actually wants the best for the planet by just bringing one character. Also I don't think he'd be too unhappy knowing that all those evil guys he fought were just pixels and are now dead, he might be unhappy with his friends being pixels, but he can make new ones.

    ... can I bring Elune too?

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    Deathwing, back when he was cunning and not bat shit crazy.

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