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  • Zul'jin vs Vol'jin

    4 8.00%
  • Medivh vs Gul'dan

    17 34.00%
  • Lich King vs Fel Grom Hellscream

    15 30.00%
  • Antonidas vs Kael'thas

    5 10.00%
  • Terron Gorefiend vs Arthas as DK

    9 18.00%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vereesà View Post
    The Pantheon vs. the combined might of all current and past Old Gods of Azeroth.

    oh that will be epic indeed but does that include Sargeras when he was their champion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulletnips View Post
    As forementioned Gul'dan vs Thrall. Most powerful mortal shaman to ever existed against his warlock counter part. Plus Thrall as well as pretty much all orcs (probably even Garrosh) regard Gul'dan as the anti christ of orcs and the sheet awesomeness of the fight would break the planet apart.
    Thrall has nothing against Gul'dan, this wouldnt be a duel!
    And Gul'dan isnt the most powerful warlock.. its the most powerful being ever to walk Draenor and Azeroth (maybe the Sargeras part of Medivh would hardly turn the tides).

    Also Gul'dan is a necromancer aswell, he created the first DKs.

    His spells matching that of Archimonde or Kil'jaedan, Kil'jaedan created the Lich King, Gul'dan the first dks. Archimonde destroyed Dalaran, Gul'dan Destroyed the arrakoa city and not only, he twisted their souls.

    Comparing Thrall with Gul'dan... is like comparing a flie with an Ultralisk!
    Thrall cant match Ragnoros (even Malfurion along with Cenarius cant do that alone).... when Gul'dan simply corrupted and twisted Ragnoros equivalent on Draenor!

    And i add more, Thrall along with Malfurion and Cenarius, joined by the Dalaran brigade of mages in all its history, couldnt match Gul'dan's spell power!
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