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    What's your normal rotation for tanking?

    Yes I know it's a priority system for Death Strikes. I played DK tank all through WotLK and just activated a Scroll of Resurrection the other day, so I'm familar with the class and have spent a good bit reading lately. I'm planning on doing the first Cata dungeon (Stone-something) but I'm wondering if anything has changed in the way we ideally engage mobs?

    - I imagine I just grip one > Icy Touch > Plague Strike > Blood Boil (if you have it talented) / Pestilence > DnD?

    - Or do you prefer to just grab one > DnD > then load up diseases on your current target and wait for other to walk into DnD before spreading your diseases?

    - For bosses, probably the same as before in just spamming your single target moves, casting Dancing Rune Weapon asas for the increased threat?

    One thing I've noticed so far are buffs popping up for me pretty often. I see Vengeance and I remember reading up on that for Cata. But I also get Invigorate which buffs my Stamina quite often. Finally, is there a visual for Blood Shield? I've been looking for it but never see it. Is it one of those things that just increases your health while active? Or does it have a Power Word: Shield look to it? Anyway, any help or suggestions here are appreciated. Thanks.

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    Starting with a grip is bad save it for mobs that get away or casters, you want trash nicely grouped up for max dps. I usually start with outbreak or unholy blight with a DnD or blood boil to grab initial aggro after that its just death/rune/hearstrikes or bloodboil when 4-5+ targets. IT>PS>pestilence is just way way way too slow.

    Threat is not an issue use DRW on cd for the dps boost or rotate it as a defensive cd. Get an addon for blood shields so you can track the seize and remaining time on it

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    Lol ok, sorry for double post. Just tanked Throne of Tides....idk how to feel. The whole instance just felt like random adds showing up instead of traditional packs of mobs. First boss was easy, but then the one boss fight at the end was a bit different. Adds, adds, and more adds. I did feel resource strained at times. When lots of adds show up I don't really know what to do beside hit them with whatever ranged I have (Icy Touch and Death Coil) while casting Blood Boil, taunt, and grip whenever I could.
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    For trash packs I typically drop DnD > grip one in > Death Strike gripped add > Outbreak gripped add > Pestilence when all adds are in DnD > Tab target Death Strike / Rune Strike, and Heart Strike with blood runes. Refresh your diseases with Blood Boil when Crimson Scourge procs (free Blood Boil)

    For bosses: Outbreak as I'm running to it > Death Strike x2 > Heart Strike once (Twice if I don't yet have enough Runic Power for Dancing Rune Weapon) > Dancing Rune Weapon > Dump whatever runes I have up > Empower Rune Weapon > Use frost/unholy/death runes on Death Strike, blood runes on Heart Strike, "game" more Death Runes with Runic Strike (Using Runic Empowerment), refresh diseases with Crimson Scourge procced Blood Boil / Drop DnD with Crimson Scourge proc if diseases are high duration.

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    For bossess: Army pre pull, count down and taunt at 20-21 rp, DS, HS, DRW, Outbreak, DS, HS, ERW (unless you need it later), DS, RS, HS, whatever is ready after this.
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    Good stuff guys thank you a lot. It's getting more and more comfortable the more I play. I'm still getting used to balancing all the c/ds though. IF, VB, DRW, ERW, Outbreak, and so on. Lots of c/ds that can all be used. And this isn't even taking into consideration the things like Death Pact and Lichborne, and whatever other talented skills if you have them. 2 years ago when I last played it was pretty much just IF and VB with some ERW used when you could.

    I like the class as is now, it's just taking some getting used to from me.

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