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    As someone who has had to work the last 5+ black fridays i hate them with a fiery burning passion deep in my soul. It is evil and I loathe it. Not only do you have to be at work at an ungodly hour, but then you have to deal with a shit ton of sleep deprived caffeine overdosed assholes yelling in your face over Super Mario and why it isn't the Super Mario they need, even though it is the only damn one that is available. (this happened to me after the first super mario came out on the wii)

    Or my personal favorite as the manager I had to get there about 2 hours early to set up the sale signs. The mall opened early for some unknown reason and all the psycho shoppers were BANGING on our metal security gate, this happened for the entire 2 hours until we opened. Mind you I was about 6 feet away tops, they could see me, I could see them. I told them when we weren't opened yet and NO I couldn't make an exception. They heard me, but they decided to continue banging and shouting because it was "funny". Oh yeah, a barrel of laughs, assholes.

    Then it is time for your break, if you are lucky. Of course we all brought in food to share because you can't actually get to the food court. This is the only sanctuary of the day. I love you stock room.

    And when you do finally get off work, it is just as shitty. Walking through the hoards of assholes with their asshole kids screaming because mommy and daddy woke them up at 4 AM for some dumbass reason. Then you get to your car, which takes you a half hour to back up because these same jerks are camping for your spot, but aren't being logical about it and don't leave you enough room to actually back out of the damn place.

    God do I hate black friday.

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    I spent a year working retail in a Walmart of all places. Never been inside one since. The drones have nothing but sympathy from me for all the crap the stores and customers put them through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    This is basically the reason it is a ´holiday´.. almost everyone has the friday after Thanksgiving off. Most people the Wednesday before also.
    Where does one get a job like that? No where I've ever worked has been that way

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    I for one have every holiday and weekend off and I don't work retail. I will also be one of those people shopping on black friday. Why all the hating on people who have money and time to spend on black friday.

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    Black friday logic:

    This product is worth 500$. Let's sell it at 1000$ and apply a 50% discount! Genius!

    What amaze me is that people think they are clever and somewhat pay the product less than it worth. They just take less profit and sell more.

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    They can dynamite Devil Reef, but that will bring no relief, Y'ha-nthlei is deeper than they know.

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    i just order online , no people running you over

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    they need to bring the police in to keep black friday under control in some places. o_O

    Would it cut down on the insanity if we had more like...3 of these during the year? Or heck, one a month.

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    There is already a pretty good line at the Best Buy near my house. About 15 or so people... talk about an exciting week...

    I go to stores on black friday, but you don't need to stand in line really unless you want something that has a low limit like a TV, console, or computer. Other things on sale like blu rays, clothes, video games, ect have a large supply and you can just go store to store seeing what they have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyc81991 View Post
    Well obviously most people don't act like that. However the point is that Black friday brings out the crazy people who would literally step on others to get a sale. Chances are if someone is camping outside of a store for a whole week they are one of the crazy people. (which is who I am talking about if you read the title of the post).
    Yeah sure, it does happen but not nearly as much as people want to think it does. I've worked retail over the holidays. Hell we opened Thursday night. I would work for about 5 hours then we would close the store and set up for the black friday opening at 4 am. Made for one hell of a 24 hour work day. It's a hell of a time, but BY FAR most people are just fine. I won't say they are calm because it's not a calm event but I've NEVER seen anyone trampled. I know it happens, just not that often.

    Also, the people that camp out for a week aren't crazy. It's just what they enjoy to do. Have you spent anytime with people who do it or do you just ridicule them as you drive by? They typically aren't die hard shoppers in a zen like state of concentration. They are more of the tailgater type of crowd. For the most part just enjoying themselves doing something different.
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