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    Why? Closed Thread??

    About an hour ago, i posted a thread asking what race i should race change to and had a poll to go along with it. Not even 30 minutes pass and someone closed the thread. Granted i understand that it's pointless and a ton of people would/have made threads about what class/race/gender/faction to go, but i don't understand why i can't make a thread asking what is the best race to go for a certain class, and i only put a few races in the poll because those are the ones that i can't decide what to go. It makes sense why they wouldn't want me to post this, but i don't understand why i can't make this thread but someone can make a thread about a cop shooting a dog, why they hate certain games, why they hate wow, and all these other dumb things that have nothing to do with the game. But i can't make a poll to get other peoples opinions, suggestions on a race. All i wanted was someone else's opinion and maybe someone would point out something that i forgot or didn't know about a race. I don't understand this would anyone care to explain before this thread gets closed also.

    What horde race should i go for a warrior? Blood elf Male/Female, Orc Male, or Panda Male/Female.

    I had to do it, i want some suggestions
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    We have a General Off-Topic forum, which is where threads that "are dumb and have nothing to do with the game" are placed. You're welcome to filter out those kind of threads by clicking on the Forum Filters button on the main page, which will keep them from showing up on the recent thread list for you.

    Your thread was closed earlier and the reason was given. Please do not repost your closed thread. You can contact Sunshine or another admin to discuss the matter.

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