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    Elegon 25m Normal

    Hello there. We’ve recently started doing 25s and pretty much steamrolled through the first 4 bosses. We’re still in recruitment and thus have a fair amount of turnover each week, but this is our 3rd (or maybe 4th) week stuck on Elegon. Sometimes we haven’t had enough DPS, as evidenced by cutting phase transitions too close to or even with an extra Protector spawning, or not getting enough orb waves down, but this past week once we replaced some people, we seemed to have enough DPS. No extra Protectors and at least 4 and often 5 orb waves killed.

    BIGGEST PROBLEM HERE: What’s really killing us is the transition back to phase 1/final phase. We’re split up and try to meet up back by the console with the sparks and start to AOE. Once the platform is back up, we drag what’s left back to the boss and finish off the AOE. We’ve had a few smooth transition but more often than not, a DPS or two get killed by the adds and there is always a tank death. From there, it just quickly gets too hard to catch up.

    We're going with the Fatboss 3 tank method. Admittedly, 2 bears and a monk is not the ideal tank comp. Is this alone too much to overcome? We’ve all been advised to do what we can to slow and stun the adds so they’re not just going crazy meleeing everyone during the transition. Should we be holding back on hitting the sparks before we get to the console to avoid getting gibbed by them? Not sure what we should be doing honestly.

    Personally, as the Aff lock, I’m doing SB: SoC and then SoC on Elegon once he’s up, coupled with MF, to do some AoE to the sparks.

    Here are our most recent logs, the last few attempts probably being our best. http://worldoflogs.com/reports/2ecp22t5iiikhka6/

    You can be brutal and honest but please be constructive. Thanks!

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    I too was struggling with this in my 25 man run.

    We solved it by not letting the dps touch the adds until back at the centre console. then we had our DPS warrior. drop mocking banner and charge the boss putting the adds focusing on him, while he speed away from them. a pally healer cooldown was also used on me. then we had our range step onto the platform and Smash them down as they were all about the warrior for that 6 seconds. When my ranged got trigger happy they died. When my Ranged did as they were told. we lived. Have a monk on each side kegging the mobs. it will be enough to override healer agro until you get to the middle for the warrior to do his magic. Just make sure the bear tank has picked up ele. so the charging warrior is not instagibbbed.

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    I have exp on both 10m and 25m normal elegon (kills) and seems that you're messing up transition phase by slowing the adds. What we did was running to the console asap without touching the adds, tank would gather them up and we'd finish with AOE from floor (with damage boost). No traps, no cc no dps until they're stacked up at the console and picked by the tank. Tank needs to pop cds and a lot of healing but it's the best working tactic for us. Also make sure you down the pillars at the same time to ensure minimal amount of adds spawning. This is hardest part of the encounter to survive, if you get that right you should kill the boss. Last phase is faceroll, tunnelvision on the boss and reset stacks when they hit 10-12.

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    err, 3 tank? wtf? I didn't even know that was a method.

    Honestly, those adds hit HARD, but no one else should be taking damage if the tanks are picking up mobs swiftly. And bears excel at this due to low CD, multiple aoe threat grabs.

    If people are pulling aggro, what Logbo said is very good advice -- no dps touches them till back at the console, and if a tank can mark a skull on one they have GOOD threat on, thats useful as well.

    The MOMENT the platform area is glowing, the platform is there, and the tank should get on for the +50% healing received... then simply dance on the edge to clear stacks quickly.

    All in all, seems like a little bit of healer issue on tanks -- do you have enough paladins/disc priests/shaman healing?.. or perhaps too many druid/monk/holypriests?.. Or are the tanks not very good/squishy, or undergeared?

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    Similar to the method suggested by logbo, we used a frost DK.

    Once you are able to get the adds relatively clumped up, have a frost DK switch to frost presence and spam howling blast to agro them. He should be able to get enough threat to allow melee to dps the adds, and allow ranged a lot more time to nuke them, without threat of death.

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    Thanks. We are heavy on druids in general and I'm not sure if it's a healing issue since we didn't have healing issues on any of the other fights. I do have a few concerns about the monk tank as he's very new to the class and some of the healers were complaining about him taking a lot of spiky damage. Having a level 35ish monk tank myself, it seems like a tough system to get used to.

    I had thought you could stun/slow the adds to keep them off of you while the pillars are going down but I see your points about making that more difficult for meeting up once the pillars are all down. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find a good warrior, we brought two last week that were downright terrible. Don't think it's a gear issue. I understand it's a gear check fight but I figured if we're good enough on dps to deal with everything except the transition, we're probably good on gear. We were running 3 Resto Druids, a Holy Pally, and I believe the Priest was Holy. We are class stacked at the moment and I am going to talk about the raid leader about that.

    We only have one raid night this week because of Thanksgiving so we probably won't get too many Elegon attempts, but I'll bring up the points you've given me. Will tell the dps to not touch adds til they're stacked. Thanks! Any more input is also greatly appreciated.

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    the 3 resto druids are pretty much whats hurting you -- They are by far the worst healer (assuming equal skill and gear) of the 6 healing specs. Getting a Monk, or 2nd paladin, or shaman instead of 1 of those druids, should significantly impact your healing output and raid CD options.

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