Just a quick question, cause I'm a bit confused as far as the region lock goes...

Right now I'm playing GW2 via the friend trial, and I live in Finland. I've signed up and 'registered' with the friend trial key. So far I'm loving the game. I mentioned this to my mother, who lived in the US. She's wanted to purchase the game for me as a gift via digital DL.

If my mother purchases the game for me, say as a Christmas gift, and just gives me the key after buying it online, will I still be able to play from Europe or will that key not work since it was purchased from the US? Or have I already 'unlocked' the game since I've registered with the friend key in Europe and any key will work just fine, no matter which region it was digitally purchased from?

Hope I was clear enough, and thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me!