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    What would you want as a major lore/game mechanics change in the next xpac?

    After Mists of Pandaria, there will be at least one more expansion. Story of the new game will be strengthened and reinforced by new books, comics and in-game storylines. Quite possibly there will be major additions and changes to the lore, I always welcome that; but what about you guys? What would the community want as a change in the lore, mechanics of questing/raiding or the road they want the story to follow? I prepared some ideas, I would like to see which one would be more likeable.

    Storyline A;
    Instead of petty clashes, we get to see and live an atmosphere of despair caused by a major conflict, in which player would feel like the story he is following is alive and much more closer to a good old single player rpg.

    Example; Azeroth becomes the battleground between the Sargeras and the Titans, Alliance and Horde has to oppose both forces equally; considering none of the warring factions want to leave this corrupted and dangerous planet alive. We as players do not take part in "kill the adds, then kill boss" missions; we get to see the lives and deaths of ordinary folk of Azeroth this time. Not killing for the High King or the Warchief; but trying to save the people of the town our character descended from, may be our parents, our wife and kids. We take part in the defence of refugees with fellow adventurers, or we dont do any of that and simply choose another available storyline which is all about trying to save our own skin by escaping to outland, facing hard to make choices along the way.
    Different stories players follow eventually clash with each other, setting the backstories for cross-faction dungeons and raids. In where we are the boss characters of a settlement, a city or a refugee cave etc; invading forces try to break into the place we defend. We have different tools for each part of the city we are trying to defend. Alternatively as a raid; a cross-faction group can enter a battleground of Legion vs Titans, having to choose a side to help temporarily, each side's bosses or missions offering different loot. There could be more options for raids, a little bit more interesting than "kill the boss take the loot" mechanic.
    Anyway something like that.

    Storyline B;
    Lore of the game begins to focus on characters too; and like a good movie, offers the players a variety of leaders, characters and new, unexpected pairings, plenty of lore about the popular characters of the game they can observe and enjoy. Like following a tv series, we get to see every major change about the characters we choose; either with questlines, dungeons ending with cgi cinematics or videos/information constantly released from internet.

    Example; Any X vs Y situation ending with an awesome duel would do, taking major parts in the joint operations of the characters we are grown to like, or radical pairings like Tyrande falling for Varian after a surprisingly good story about the two. I can think of a few things but I suddenly started to feel like making a Twilight movie, so hell no.

    Storyline C;
    We get a much simpler, easy to follow and easy to understand story. Just there to back up the new xpac. Quality does not have to be awesome, just let us play the damn game while knowing what the hell is going on for a change.

    Example; Aggra sleeps with Garrosh so Thrall is angry with her and he is not sure who the baby is from anymore, he travels to Dalaran and sleeps with Jaina for revenge, but Jaina dies during the mating for obvious reasons. Kalecgos, Jaina's lover and a Dragon, finds out about this and declares war on mortals, all the dragons join him because they have like, a pact signed by all flights thousands of years ago and Kalecgos invokes it so they have to join him, so now its Alliance and Horde vs Dragons.

    Storyline D;
    Lore focuses on the nations of Azeroth, like a good history book, we take part in their interactions with each other, learning about them. We can choose multiple questlines to follow, each unique to a nation. We see more action, take part in special ops missions overseas, facing choices that requires us to betray another group for the greater good of the group we choose to align ourselves with. We get to see the conflicts in the game in great detail with videos and information, but, most importantly, only from the perspective of the nation we support as their operative. This means, whatever the new xpac will be, players will always have a new story and a new angle to experience as long as they keep leveling alts.

    Example; If player chooses to align himself with the Blood Elves, he will still be a part of the Horde; but he will get to see every major move Blood Elves did in the xpac and take part in it, he will experience horde quests, in-game videos and cinematics from the Blood Elf angle to the point that he can confirm even though they seem to stand still, every nation of Azeroth have a character, history and they are constantly active; interacting with the world and others as a whole.

    I wouldn't like any radical changes to the Lore/ I would like some changes, but nothing like those above;

    What would you want to see in this game in the future lorewise/mechanicwise?
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