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    I just think someone mixed up mythology and folklore with Tolkien-fantasy, there's really no point dwelling on this when we all know the OP meant the Tolkien-fantasy version of them.
    For the wyvern though I'll have to agree with the OP. It is one thing to take the minotaurs, alter the models and call them Taurens, since that is a new name not included in the classic fantasy, but what they did by calling those wyverns is more like taking the minotaurs, a well established model, and name them gnome or whatever.

    P.S. The trolls in my mind will always be the pre-Luclin models in Everquest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulvhedner View Post
    The so called elves in Azeroth has NOTHING in common (well maybe some) with the elves in folklore. The elves in the Warcraft universe are based on the elves of the Tolkien universe.

    Trolls aren't anything like the ones in WoW. Trolls are humongous creatures who turn to stone or explodes in sunlight, they are dimwitted and are everything but dancing capoeira.
    Actually norweigen elves are similar to nelfs and someceltic stories state elves as being extraordinarily tall.

    Azerothian wyverns are closer to manticores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anisadora View Post
    Azerothian wyverns are closer to manticores.
    In the portuguese version of WoW, wyverns were actually translated as "mantícoras".

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