Thread: So I hit 80....

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    So I hit 80....

    ...on my guardian and figured it was time to start doing dungeons (yeah lvl 80 dungeon newb here). I went to the new Fractals dungeon and was getting owned pretty good.

    What dungeons should I spend time doing to help get my gear up to date and what gear should I be striving for?


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    There seems like you had not a lot of training on the mechanics of the fractals, this games relies a bit more on skill rather than bruteforce gear, but i would recommend you getting some green items before trying to do whacky stuff, it's not 100% necessary to grind dungs in order to succeed at them.

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    Dungeons aren't the important part. You want to get the best gear available to you via crafting, friends, gold etc, then spend time getting to know your profession. I went into fractals with my 70 warrior, 2 80 guardians and a 38 guardian. We knocked down everything on the first difficulty. First is knowing your profession, second is learning the encounters. After that it's smooth rolling!

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