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    What crying and whining do you see happening? What is you position to, I have done it once, I would like to have it on the account. I mean, it is not somethinkg i want for nothing. I already earned that exalted rep. I would even go so far to say, let me grind to friendy or the rank after that (sorry cant remember which one it is)
    Are you concerned, because players could by the rep items for their alts right away?

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    I honestly like the "get revered, have accelerated rep with alts", but ONLY IF THEY ADDED IT TO ALL REPs, not just the panda reps. I have 41 reps exalted on my paladin, and am thinking of switching over to my warlock. And I would love to get a lot of the reps from pre-pandaria to exalted on him for recipes and transmog gear, mostly. But the thought of running all those old dungeons, killing twilight cultists in silithus, killing arakkoa or whatever they are up in Skettis for Skyguard rep... Just for a few recipes, and to continue on with the exalted reputation achieves which don't seem to be account wide. That's what I really want.

    Don't just do that for pandaria reputations. Give it for ALL reputations, from classic to current.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belize View Post
    , they already give MORE than enough ways to acquire it easily nowadays.
    Do they? Please explain how besides dailies

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    Yes...YES YES....seriously wtf was blizzard thinking!? I now have 2 alts stuck between IL 460 and 470 like so many other people because we refuse to do a LOT of quests that we already did on on our mains over and over and over again. Seriously, the double rep patch that's coming isn't even gonna do it for me. I'm simply NOT doing this shit again and that's that. If you get to revered on one toon then ALL of your toons should be revered. I already did those quests soooo many times, now you want me to do them all over again...twice? I'm not even going to consider doing it. And if you want to get to IL 470 to do the last few raids you almost HAVE to do the dailies. This was a HUGE blunder on Blizzard's part. If they don't fix this within the next couple weeks I'll be saying Farewell WoW, Hello Rift!

    Just by the sample size of the people that have would think Blizzard would be smart enough to do this.

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    Should become BoA when you hit 70 exalted/best friend factions IMO.

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    I think what they're doing in 5.1 is a decent compromise. Channeling my RP side for a moment: In terms of the game world itself, your main represents something of a family of characters which also include your alts. Your main's accomplishments may make a faction giving your alts something of a short cut as a bonus for your main's previous service and to some extent that mimics how the real world works in many cases.

    But your alts still need to do at least something to deserve the rewards. Which also mimics real world experience.

    Anyway, that's one theory. It works for me.
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    Grinding reps on more than one character is unfair, and it hurts the game more than they know. For instance, if my Monk, Paladin and Priest had access to the VP items I would queue for heroics as tank / healer for the VP cap thus helping to improve queue times. I do not mind the grind on one character, I think you should work hard for the rewards, but to say you have to do it on other chars to make VP worthwhile just isn't a good design.

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    I don't care how much they accelerate rep gain for alts, I cringe at the thought of grinding dailies after completing them once.

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    No I think it would become WAY too easy to gain rep. I like it the way it is where each of your characters has separate relations with different groups. It wouldn't make much sense either for you to get, lets say, exalted with one group on that character and then on a completely different character who you never even introduced that group to is also exalted somehow.

    And for the people who complain that they hate going back and grinding through rep again to get exalted with that same group, it's better the way it is now. I mean just think of how much replayability is lost if you just get exalted with all groups on one guy what are you going to do then on one of your alts? It will be more of a problem then because it will become even more boring now that you have even less stuff to do since you're already exalted with everybody in the game. Then you will just complain again that there is nothing to do in the game.
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    no i like the idea of what they are doing in 5.1 I think that is enough

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    Why even have alts anyway? Why not just a dropdown menu on the character sheet that lets you pick your class with the same level of decision-making involved in picking a title?

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    if reputations were account wide ppl had less to do that they 'have to do' in game, leading to people getting bored and unsubscribe. ppl unsubscribing leads to less spending by whoever develops the game meaning even worse game design then atm. funny, right? removal of boring rep grind leads to even more boredom ingame.

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    I would like a boost for sure, but just giving all of your characters on your account max rep for free (assuming you are exalted with all on your main) feels a bit much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belize View Post
    Yeah, I can understand that, but as I said I feel it's just more entitlement for the playerbase, which is not something we need right now. It's only going to lead to more crying and whining later on.
    I'm not sure it's about entitlement. I think it's more about people questioning the point of the Reputation system and by extension, the repetitive grind to max it out if you have multiple characters, or even just one, for some people.

    Personally, I don't really consider most of the reputation systems very creative or interesting. The daily system itself isn't really that exciting once you've done each quest at least once, then the novelty wears off. Some people do like these systems, nothing wrong with that. But I think Blizzard could do more to "hide" the grind behind the content, and in addition add alternate paths (where it makes sense at least) for people not fond of strictly questing every single day.

    The question I tend to ask myself about game mechanics is "if there were no reward, would I still do it?" or put another way "Is this still fun even if I gain nothing tangible in return?". I can say that about PvP, because killing players is fun. I can say that about raiding, because killing bosses is fun. Even dungeons can be fun to play, especially when they are complicated and challenging. Doing cycled quests for weeks/months on end? Not sure I'd do that without the carrot waiting for me. The other stuff is what I consider content, since the only barrier to entry is my own skill as a player and the appropriate gear/level. But reputations are all about time sink, and aren't really content by themselves. It's just a bar you fill by doing other stuff.

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    If reps became BOA, then we would probably start playing again. The main reason we stopped was because we were bored with our mains and switching a character would mean doing all that work that we did on our mains over again, witch was days upon days of gameplay time. Just wasn't worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbtg View Post
    if reputations were account wide ppl had less to do that they 'have to do' in game, leading to people getting bored and unsubscribe. ppl unsubscribing leads to less spending by whoever develops the game meaning even worse game design then atm. funny, right? removal of boring rep grind leads to even more boredom ingame.
    But that's the thing, people are bored of dailies and not doing them a second time. Besides MoP introduced numerous other things to do, however spending 6 weeks doing dailies everyday drains peoples insensitive to do anything else and ultimately people log out once done because either they're tired/bored or run out of game time. The average person probably has 4 hours a day of game time...

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    it should be. afterall they are making rewards from hitting exalted (e.g. a title, a mount, sth like that) account wide, so why not the rep itself?

    ESPECIALLY whith the mop way of how the reputation grind works - dailys until you puke from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magister View Post
    The point of Blizz for dailies was to get ppl out into the world again.
    I do dailies with 2 alts. This costs a lot of time. So I avoid PvP not to waste* any more time. It seems others handle it the same way. I had just one PvP incident while doing dailies so far.

    I would appreciate to get Serpent riding skill via BoA for my Druid, because it´s nice to have but not as good as the swift flight form.
    *That´s the problem. As long as open PvP is useless and imbalanced all the dailies could just as well be set in Stormwind, Orgrimmar or be instanced. We need some incentives to engage in PvP. There are some really nice approaches so far. I like that we have 40% passive resilience now and it´s really cool that PvP-Power and PvP-Resilience stats doesn´t count to the iLvl budget. That way PvP gear is first choice even for PvEers and it´s possible to farm fast and be ready for PvP action at the same time.
    Now we only need a reason to PvP. For example a currency like PvP-Might. You start with 0 every day and each PvP kill gives you x% of your victims PvP-Might. For every x PvP-Might your character grows in size and you get more loot from mobs. There could be an aura surrounding you so that everyone near you get´s more loot as well. And of course we need a better grouping system. There should always be an automatic raid interface whenever someone else farms/quests near you. And "enemy detected!" alerts.

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    What bothers me the most is that they remove certain aspects of the game. Grinding reputations through dungeons has been around in vanilla. For me, I enjoyed the TBC reputation style the most (specific factions bounds to certain dungeons i.e. Lower City through SH, Crypts, MT, Shadow lab). As well for unlocking those heroics by reaching honored with that faction. However, I do understand that not everyone like this model. Other factions such as Sha'tari skyguard, The Consortium and Netherwing for example had a mix of both dailies and grinding certain objects.

    In WotLK they introduced the tabards which you can wear to gain reputation in any dungeon as well removed the reputation required to join an heroic instance. This was I guess a step forward for people who did not enjoyed the TBC style, even though it has the same thing: reputation gained through dungeon. They used this system in Cataclysm as well.

    In MoP, they removed all of this. The only way to gain reputation is with daily quests (exception of golden lotus with key farming, which I personally LOVE doing). Not did they only removed the dailiy cap (there was a 10 daily quest limit in TBC) they reduced the amount of reputation you gain from dailys as well (roughly about a 100 or so per daily). We get told that daily quests is a part of content. They remove the way to gain reputation, lower the amount, increase the amount of dailys we "have" to do (mixed feelings for everyone). For me, the daily quest grind is more of a single player game, I despise this system ALOT and I feel that I'm not the only one. Shouldn't we expect more gameplay with an expension rather then using a system that is getting old? Shouldn't we expect other gameplay mechanics to progress our character without the feeling it's so much of a chore. For me, challenging modes and scenarios are one step in the right direction. However, why remove rep gains through dungeons and progress our characters by doing quests over and over again?

    I expected before MoP announcement that they would add a system (similair as Path of the Titans link) that would made you progress your character by doing certain tasks in the world itself. For me, the solo gameplay experience wasn't quite what I expected. A big disappointment for me so far.

    Edit: To answer OP question, I'd love to get those tabards to gain reputation on alts.
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    Holy form? Discipline form, oh and holy flay tbh.
    Holy form suggestion back in TBC
    Quote Originally Posted by r3gul8r View Post
    A new Rogue Spec - Holy Daggers. You become a healing spec and throw holy water dipped daggers into peoples backs to heal them.
    Cataclysm suggestion... ._.

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    I would be all for reputations being account wide as it would really speed up the progression of alts

    The bonus Rep items are not bad but to be honest 100% extra rep isn't nearly enough of a bonus though 500% or even 1000% bonus would be perfectly acceptable.

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