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    Nah. Tabards should, though.

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    no , not untill the next expansion is over and they have reached that level , like now on 90 my alt should be exalted with the avengers of hyajl for example , IF he dings 86 BUT for stuff like the shado pan helmets , order of the cloud serpent mounts and the recipes , yes they should be acount wide after 1 of my alts dings 91 , he should be exalted with the shado pan like my main , the gear is useless for him then ( maybe transmog ) and the other stuff he already has.

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    Yes but only becouse of my alt having cloud serpent riding on a dead server where you can camp eggs all day, but my main on high pop cant use it. As for the other reps I really couldnt care less. Or to put it simple make Cloud serpent riding BOA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baskrik View Post
    What about Warsong and Arathi? The other PvP Factions? Hydraxian WAterlords? Same thing for you? I feel it is really hard to do it again. Not saying you should get it for free. Just, when you did it with one char, you should have the benefits to your alts
    There isn't much gain on hitting those reps... Although. Warsong is the worst rep in the game. At the pace I do BGs.. I guess I will never ever reach exalted with them.
    And the last info from Blizz was for them to not touch it at all.
    So that's actually a great example. Why should all the other reps get so easy, and those BG reps should remain as hard as they ever were, since vanilla?
    I wouldn't have a problem with all reps are in that range. When someone speaks of grinding. Grind Warsong rep, then you know what grinding actually means..

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