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    Advice needed

    Hey everyone of the MMO community.

    First off i read alot and post little i know so i dont think anyone knows me but still advice is welcome im pretty torn up.

    I am part of the core of my guild and have been for several years i enjoy playing with these people (plus its a bonus we all speak dutch) but since MoP the officers and GL are slacking we have 1 active officer who tries to do everything and the rest is like "pff nobody got time for that" or "Thats not my responsibility".

    So now we are stuck at 4-16 normal mode and all the better players are leaving becouse we simply cant kill more bosses then that and they are tired of waiting (guild-hopping or taking a break).

    Then finally down to the point where i need advice should i stay or find a better guild? i love the guild im in and talked to the officers several times they do care but lack any form of improvment.

    In the end i just want a guild where i can help kill (healer) bosses and have a good time.

    Waiting in despair Koneko.

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    Been there myself a couple of times. Granted I'm not a raider, simply because I cannot commit to a schedule. But I don't mind: LFR is awesome for me as I get to see the content.

    Back to your problem: I think the main question you should ask is "Are you having fun right now?". If not, than think about what would make WoW more fun for you. If it's (hard core) raiding, than (as you describe it) the only option seems to seek another guild.

    That does not mean that you leave your friends behind. But in the end, you pay money to play a game and have a good time. If you're not having a good time, why pay for it...

    Just my two cents...

    BTW: I'm from Holland, so I speak Dutch too.

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    Well the thing is i like to progress more but i can see the guild falling apart and no even get to 5-16 normal let alone do all the HoF the only thing thats holding me back are the few core players i have played with for several years and even hang out with a few times IRL (we try to get together as a guild 2times a year) and i want too join a other guild for progression but i am afraid it will feel like betrayel.

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    Talk to them about it. Maybe you can switch guilds together? Explain the situation. "Betrayal" is such a heavy word for it.

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    Yeah i will try to talk about them again and i dont think they will follow me :P
    I already suggested something like that even talked to them about building our own guild but the loyalty level to the guild is so damn high which is a good thing offcourse.

    Thanks for your advice becouse i never ever would have thought a game could grow so heavy on me and this is really killing me xD

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    When things go bad its usually always best to talk about it. Like Somnophore said, "betrayal" sounds as such a heavy word. Youre probably overthinking it a bit too much. Had a similar thingie with a guildie before but in another sense:

    Back in tbc i was in a BT guild. Earlier mentioned guildie wanted to leave because he wanted to raid with several irl friends of his, so he said he planned to leave sometime when no one was online as not to cause a whole "im leaving" drama. I told him to write a forum post about it instead, and to his surprise, people gave him words of "good luck, it was nice playing with you".

    What am i getting at? He was overthinking the whole thing and thinking everyone would hate him if he said he wanted to leave, so he was going to leave quietly. In a sense, you probably face something similar when it comes to your friends. So dont overthink it, just explain the situation, and if theyre good friends they'll understand and accept.

    TL: DR - People react more harshly in your own thoughts than they actually do, more often than not :P
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    I think your at a point, were you just need to move on.

    I would thank the people in the guild, for what they have offered you, good times, etc.. Before I left, I would also explain to the people I was closest to, why I was leaving and get their Real IDs, so you can still maintain a relationship with them, just no through the guild. By the sounds of things, the only thing you want a new guild for is to progress quicker, meaning you can still do all kinds of things with your former guildies, like LFR, Challenge Modes, PVP, etc..

    This isn't based towards you, but just generally speaking - I sometimes find it amusing that people think just because their not in a Guild with someone, they still can't play together.

    The other options being; see if your officers would entertain raiding along side another guild, in which needs a few extra player to get things moving. Depending on the size of your server, there are most likely other guilds in your same situation, not enough dedicated raiders, making it hard to progress. For an example, Guild A brings 5 players to the raid, with Guild B bringing their 5 players to the raid. - only reason I brought this up, was because you mentioned that you didn't believe anyone would "leave with you." This would be the best alternative to leaving the guild, or a merg.

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    Dsfunctional im gonne try and talk to them tonight and otherwise how heartbreaking it is for me (becouse yes in a guild your closer then when your all in diffrent guilds) im gonne take atleast 1 character of mine to a stronger guild if they will take me offcourse

    Thank you ^^

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