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    Building houses

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    Oh my.

    First of all I'd have season courtside seats to the New York Knicks, but that's a LOT of money because Madison Square Garden/Manhattan is where all the rich big dick ballers live and they can afford $29, 000 per ticket for just one game whereas I can't. I also could not reasonably make most of these games and keep up with schoolwork sufficiently.

    I also want a video game room. I'm talking a 100 inch high def T.V. with every single system hooked up to it and every video game that ever comes out. Also a lot of arcade games and movie posters and stuff.

    Uhhhh then I need the best gaming computer possible that never EVER lags and has the best internet connection.

    Sadly I can only afford a mini plan for the Knicks with seats that aren't courtside, a 52 inch TV and a PS3/Wii/some video games and a decent desktop with solod internet connection, since I'm paying $18, 000 in tuition a year and having an unpaid internship yields me no money.

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