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    Feb 2011
    Somewhere in UK where there is chicken

    While itself isn't expensive, it will be when your PC is constantly upgraded to the max.

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    Car modification
    Would love to fiddle and play around with intake valves, exhausts etc. on some sportier cars (right now I'm a poor student so not much cash for cars lol)

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    weapon collection and boarding house building.

    One for me because I find weapons and ancient warfare to be fascinating... and the other because I'd want to help dem homeless people.

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    The Nether .... lands
    I would love to get back into buying old arcade machines and turning them in brand-spankin'-new ones

    Still have a crapload of arcade boards (JAMMA, Neo-Geo, Sega Naomi) up in my attic from when I used to do this, but at the moment I have neither the room nor the funds to actively pursue this again

    ONE DAY!!!! I SWEAR TO GAWD!!! ONE DAY!!!! I will play WoW on an arcade cabinet

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    Iowa - Franconia
    I'd build me a home after the example of some medieval castle, and I'd collect medieval armory.
    Would also collect rare classic cars.

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    I wouldn't so much have a single extravagant hobby... More, lots of little ones that all add up to a ton of money required. For example:

    Magic: The Gathering
    Gaming (also, THE BEST PC EVER)
    DVD boxsets of TV shows
    Warhammer 40k

    Oh and I'd be sure to get my own fully operational gym to use in my own home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    I'd build me a home after the example of some medieval castle, and I'd collect medieval armory.
    Would also collect rare classic cars.
    Medieval armored classic car castle.

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    Jonesville, Michigan
    Floor seat season tickets to an NBA team or glass right next to the bench for an NHL team (assuming the NHL plays again in the future).

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    My Hobby would still be my computer however I would be able to expand that hobby to include Case modding, and building a custom computer workstation for extreme comfort and plenty of desktop space/drawers and a built in cubby for the mini fridge.

    The Computer room itself would be exquisite and have multiple forms of lighting to change the atmosphere.
    Then again depending on just how wealthy I was I could potentially get really creative computerizing the entire house.

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    The Patient
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    I would do heliskiing.

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    There is no location, only Zuul
    Gaming or weapon collecting.
    There are no bathrooms, only Zuul.

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    Nov 2010
    Ravenloft usually
    Warhammer Fantasy
    Computer upgrading

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    I'd start an animal rescue place!

    And keep horses, like 4, with lots of space for them!

    Every year when we go to family in France, there's tons of stray cats and they have youngs too. We already took some in but obviously we can't adopt them all every year. It's my dream to do this one day, provide shelter and find homes for these cats.

    If I'd be super rich, I'd love to extent that to other animals.

    Edit: I think, another thing I'd like and my fiancee also, would be to create a high tech place with super pcs and super hardware and a home cinema and just keep expanding/upgrading that stuff.

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    swimming in the dollar bills
    Last edited by Endus; Today at 10:40 PM. Reason: Editing to change questionable phrasing to adorable puppies

    Quote Originally Posted by xBreak View Post
    This post was almost as bad as you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drakhar View Post
    The clueless commentary from the shortsighted peanut gallery is getting to me.
    My youtube channel!

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    Covina, California
    Tons of weed and lots of cool firearms and other weapons.

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    Traveling. I travel a lot anyway, but I wish I had infinite finances to be able to get flight tickets anywhere, anytime.

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    My hobby would be to do whatever the fck i wanted

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    Video Gaming is already expensive enough for me as-is. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buxton McGraff View Post
    Tons of weed and lots of cool firearms and other weapons.
    For some reason, this sentence reminds me of a strip of three buildings I saw in the south...

    The First Building was a Bar
    The building next door to the bar was a fireworks shop
    The third building next door to the fireworks shop was a hospital.

    ...a truly symbiotic commercial block. :P
    Isn't it immature that you call him Donald "Dump"?
    I agree, it's childish and stupid - and that's my point. it's meant as a deliberate mockery of his blatant disrespect via using "Crooked Hillary", and thus I can call him "Dump" since he dumps his campaign promises, dumps campaign managers, dumps his wives, wants to dump the first amendment, dumps common-sense war ethics and dumps the use of proper English in favor of a mongrel white-trash dialect.

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    I'd buy every Collector's Edition that I would want. Build an insane computer on a $10000 budget. And collect lots of really nice art books.

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    I'd get back into CCG's. love the strats, hated the costs in keeping up.

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