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    Nov 2012
    Boston, MA
    Cars, super high end computer stuff, traveling and I've always wanted life-size movie props. Want a full size Predator or Alien like in Stan Winston's studio, lol.

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    I would collect DBZ stuff. Action figures, video games, multiple copies of the anime and manga, anything I could get my hands on really. I would like to devote a whole room to DBZ.

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    Build a real Iron Man suit.
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    Cars but not collect them. I would like to race them. A good class, not some toyota yaris cup or something like that.

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    Buy every WoW thing I don't currently have. TCG, early Collector's Editions, 90% of the Blizzstore.

    Actually, I'd get a huge house, and make specific rooms for specific collectables. Make a WoW room, a DBZ room, a One Piece room, a GTA room, an NHL/Vancouver Canucks room, a WWE room, a South Park/Simpsons/Futurama/Family Guy room.

    Basically, my current room, but much larger and more organized.
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    i'd get back into RC trucks/heli. i was heavy into it for a couple years until i did some math and then felt really stupid and ashamed of what i'd done.

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    If I had enough money, I would go on vacations with my family.

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    Growing pot.. wait for it.. in a private jet. xD (obviously joking)
    In all seriousness though, probably between model trains too. I'd love to have running tracks all over my house for guests to see when they come over.

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    hunting exotic species, lions, tigers, elephants, man, you know the rare things.

    probably car restoration
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    I would buy a warehouse and turn part of it into a metal shop, another part into a wood shop, and a 3rd part into a full auto shop. All filled with all the good stuff, tons of raw materials on hand, and let my friends use all of it whenever they wanted.
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    I'd be the skipper of a small cruise liner and take people to and from the barrier reef all day everyday. If I couldn't do that I'd be an eclipse chaser.
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    I'd take up flying, buy a private airport and plane and spend my days doing that. With plenty of skydiving thrown in.

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    Travel the world with my girlfriend.

    She wants to show me Germany. Would love to make stops in Sweden, Norway, Denmark too.

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    First off. Bravo on a great and interesting thread topic.
    Scale sci fi models would be my thing. Getting into a Games Workshop piece every once in a while (lol codex creep and price increases).

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    'Murrica, of course.
    Traveling the world sampling food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worer View Post
    Weapons, that's for sure! I'd collect weapons. Or just buy them and play with them!
    This basically, though a semi-hobby I have right now is building/fixing computers. That can get expensive at times.
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    Philanthropy. That is the most expensive and noble of all hobbies. Would require much travel
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    I would golf. Every day. And when I got bored of the courses around me, travel all over and golf some more.

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    Smithing, definitely. Can't decide between jewellery or creating functional weaponry/apparel for the helluvit, but if I had the money I'd end up going for both :P
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