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    Travelling would be the big one. I have a massive case of wanderlust raging in me right now, and being stuck where I am is killing me. Having been a military child for the first 13 years of my life, I travelled around the US every 2-3 years. My father retired, and I have been stuck here for 18 years now. And I can't stand it. Every day the urge to just start walking off gets harder to resist.

    Another thing would be learning the bagpipes. I know most people hate the sound, but I absolutely love it. And that shit is obscenely loud in person, but even better than hearing recorded music of it.

    And like Kipling linked, I wouldn't mind learning the wingsuit flight. The thought of flying has always excited me deep inside. Unfortunately, I would probably fail at it (same with regular sky diving) because I am pretty damn terrified of heights, which would be a bad combination. I would love to learn to use a wingsuit properly like you wouldn't believe, but my fear would probably keep that from happening. Just like my fear of deep water kinda fucks with my love of water (not to mention I can't swim, really).

    Oh, and heading off into space. Flying off to the moon. Something I have always wanted to experience. And apparently 20 million dollars is what it takes to get that to happen.

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    In no particular order:

    > Ridiculous 20+ account multiboxing
    > Yachting
    > Collecting Metal Music memorabilia
    > Scuba diving
    > Go back to school for random degrees just to learn more
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    I'd be a student for all my life, learn as much as I can and go sky diving once a week.

    Man, if I could just win the lotto....
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    id buy a harley davidson and customize it. i love motorcycles.

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    I'd like to become a jewler and a blacksmith. Having a beautiful sword with gems in it or a crown or something like that, armor with silver filgrees or a helmet with jade horns.

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    Cocaine and a hot dominatrix?

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    well, one of my dreams has always been to eat the best food at the best restaurant in every capital city in the world.
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    Philanthropy. I'd found a charity called, "Fuck Poverty!", which would focus on providing sex education and contraceptives to under-developed areas around the world. Particularly in AIDS-rampant areas of Africa.

    That and travel.

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    Fine art. Like the Masters, but maybe more modern. Picassos, Van Gogh, Munchs, etc. I once went to an Edvard Munch exhibit for like a week straight and just stayed there for hours.

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    World of Warcraft.

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    I've always wanted to try cocaine.

    Failing that, bodybuilding.

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    I'd love to go scubadiving if I had the money. Maybe visit some exotic spots around the world to get even more of those "WOW!"-effects since I highly doubt my own country offers a lot of those.

    I'd also love to collect swords. I've always been keen on owning at least one for some reason.

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    crazy cat lady...costs so much to feed and house them all

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    i plan on having a multi-floor building that was built underground just like the hive in the resident evil movies

    It's going to happen in my life-time, it's just a matter of when

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    Classic sports cars. Guess i'm still 14 year old somewhere deep inside.

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    Traveling. I'd love to just have insane amounts of cash where I could travel to different Countries and not have to budget and just go crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakers01 View Post
    Cocaine and a hot dominatrix?

    im hanging out with lakers01

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    If I'd have the cash I'd love to play around with robots. I mean just look at that thing. Amazing
    piece of hardware and the software is probably even more amazing. [so "lifelike" moves]

    Would have a blast programming and assembling all kind of robots.

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    I'm a very ambitious musician so if cash wouldn't be an issue I would have a professional studio and all the instruments I want.
    Most people wouldn't believe what instruments can cost.

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