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    Collecting weapons like Swords and guns, collecting figurines and other types of figures of video game characters, and traveling around the world exploring places that I've always wanted to go like China and Japan.

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    It would be either collecting medieval stuff like armor suits and weapons and such, or opening a micro-brewery in my garage.

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    "Bribing" US politicians. Of course, it's not a bribe, it's a campaign contribution. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Mostly, I want into this hobby because you pretty much need to be a billionaire to indulge in it.

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    sailing for sure

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    Magic: The Gathering

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    Id still collect TCG's specifically Pokemon, $4.18 a booster is a joke.

    @poster above me, MTG too!
    "From the first to the end of the Sixth Generation of consoles, for THIRTY FOUR YEARS, this is what gaming was and it was FANTASTIC! You enjoyed the experience and gaming was what it was supposed to be FUN, COMPLETE, no DLC back then the new content was called a sequel and we waited eagerly for it."

    -Muzz (L1GAMES)

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    I'd just love to collect tons and tons more geeky stuff from Comics/Films/Books/Video Games.

    I've currently got a Sword from LOTR (Anduril) and one from Song of Fire and Ice (Longclaw) ... But I'd love to just COVER my entire home in: Swords, Posters, Figurines, Busts, Life-Size Models, Jewelry ETC.

    More then anything I'd love like a Iron Man/Batman/Darth Malgus Life-Size Statue (They're like 6-7 Feet Tall) .. But they're like $5000-7000 If I had the money for it that kind of stuff would be such a happy hobby of mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladeface View Post
    deffo coin collecting. i used to do it a little and still have all the ones i used too but it gets expensive really quick so i havent bought any in a long time
    You know, I don't get this... Hobbies such as that one are not supposed to be "completed" in a week. You find a coin you want and you save up money for it. A real expensive hobby is like collecting super cars where one can cost up to several millions of any currency.
    It's the same thing with most other hobbies, I do rock climbing. And you need gear for that, else it won't work unless you free solo. And you don't get to buy all the gear at once cause it's pretty damn expensive-ish. But you go month by month and you try to not spend money on beer when going out but instead you save money and get yourself that rope you wanted.

    All in all, hobbies are meant to be "save up and get what you want in the near future". I'd definitely collect super cars if I had the money!

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    Parachuting in Dubai - would be a sick lot of fun I guess
    Miaruna <The Golden Dawn> of Aman'Thul-EU

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    Travelling... I would love to see more of the world, especially all the fascinating historical sites.

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    *insert funny location here*
    - Cosplay (good ones, not the shit cosplay)
    - Diving maybe
    - Weapons and/or maybe sword fighting...I wanna be a ninja.

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    Travel the world. All the time. I'd have my home base in the States (Seattle, probably), and then just leave the country at least once a month.

    I need to find a sugar daddy.

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    I've always wanted to try surfing. Not that getting a surfboard is ridiculously expensive, but as I don't live anywhere near a decent surfing spot I'd have to travel a lot, which would be ridiculously expensive :P

    Besides that, I'd keep up gaming, maybe upgrade my PC more often as well as getting new games more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medizon View Post
    Parachuting in Dubai - would be a sick lot of fun I guess
    Why parachuting in Dubai?

    This is much more fun

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    Magic the Gathering, or Comic Books.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vep View Post
    Why parachuting in Dubai?

    This is much more fun

    How much does it cost to learn something like this? I've got no idea how hard it is do be a para-glider. It would be a dream come true to fly like this, though.
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    i swallow marbles [... ] it is funny when you wake up and can shake your stomach and feel them and hear them

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    I'm a musician. When I get a job, my money will quickly disappear on equipment and repairs. :P

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    If I had a small fortune for a hobby, I wouldnt waste it on frivolous fantasies.

    Instead, id be smart about it and invest it into some stocks and a certificate of deposit for a high yield return, which would be ripe for the taking when I retire.

    whats the point in a one time big spend if I can make it last the rest of my life? Certainly would help me not worry about my future and my job security
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    Weapons and tank/armored vehicle collector id be if i had the money, how cool wouldt it be to go shopping in an APC?

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    Many cool ideas so far, really liked th paraglider one!
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