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    Quote Originally Posted by aastarius View Post

    Nothing left standing after that AND that was in vanilla before AQ opened ... only had around 2-3 k health I believe :P
    C'thun was the last boss in AQ. You probably mean "in vanilla before Naxx opened".

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    Defile, Shadow Trap from hc lich king and World in Flames, Lava Wave on hc ragnaros, best mechanics to spot the baddies in your raid group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skallfraktur View Post
    C'thun was the last boss in AQ. You probably mean "in vanilla before Naxx opened".
    Yeah ... Been a long day
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    I will not move when Flame Wreath is cast, or the raid blows up... :-D
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    I don't get it. I've gone AFK a million times to blow my bf so he'd get off my back and let me raid. What's the problem here? People have sex...
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    "you need to understand that my computer and i have a relationship that was here before i met you, and will be here long after we break up. if i could have sex with the CD-rom drive, you would be irrelevant. just so we're clear on this"

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    failing to kite raggy hc in p4 = instant wipe. tho that's an ability dependant on ONE persons ability to get the fuck away. defile was dependant on every person in the raid knowing what to do, which is what has made it the ultimate ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KidCanuck View Post
    Archimonde. Definitely.

    - Air burst: kills you if you don't hit your slowfall item (AoE as well).
    - Doomfire: fire that moves around and leaves trails behind it, puts a 45 sec DoT on you for huge damage if you get hit.
    - Grip of the legion: massive shadow damage DoT that lasts ... 1 min? 5 min? I can;t remember.
    - Fear: fears all players. So, people get feared through the fire trails, or healers get feared and can't keep the DoT damage healed, tank gets feared and gets hit in the back, etc.
    - Soul Charge: whenever a player dies, he gains soul charge, which does a huge AoE damage to the entire raid, plus either a 4 sec silence, a 50% increased damage taken debuff, or drains a fuckton of mana.

    So, one person fucks up air burst, fear runs a bunch of people through the fire, or runs people away from their healers, or a person with one of the DoTs gets air bursted away, etc. etc. etc. and now Soul Charge comes out, which kills another person or 2 at least, which gives more soul charges, and Bam, wiped!

    I would absolutely love to watch LFR Archimonde. The QQ would be legendary.
    THIS!! I'm pretty sure a lot of these people probably never seen Archimonde. Not only was the fire annoying, but It was so unpredictable shooting and spreading all over the damn place.
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    Defile, by far. Out of the 400+ wipes it took to kill the bastard on 25HC this accounted for more than half the tries. You needed 20+ people able to run out fast. It wasn't on 1 person, it wasn't 100% guaranteed you had to run out which made it dangerous cause you always thought/hoped it wasn't you. You also had your usual suspects, the ones you prayed wouldn't get it.

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    In Terms of a Single Skill that wipes the raid:

    Geysir of pre Nerf Ragnaros HC > Defile of Lich King HC.

    Standing a few yards wrong caused the Geysir and in 99% of cases it was a wipe... after having cleared the previous Phases for 10+min
    Defile was hard too, but to really wipe the raid several players had to be in the wrong place and it was generally avoidable with good raidmovement and if people used their gapcloser.

    From newer fights Unseen Strike from Blade Lord Tayak can be unforgiving at least in 10man if you don't have a Priest. 1 Player standing wrong can easily cause 2-3 other players' deaths. But as the fight is generally quite easy it doesn't have that much of an effect on the total difficulty.

    Bosses with unforgiving mechanics in general:
    1. Ragnaros HC... every Phase had a Instant-wipe ability if something went wrong. Fire Trap activated too early in P1? Wipe. ONE son not stunned properly and reaching the hammer? Wipe. Running 1sec too late before Seeds spawn in P2? Wipe. P3 not enougth DMG? P4 Geysir? P4 bad roots-spawn? P4 bad Dreadflame spawn? Wipewipewipe.
    2. Lich King HC... pretty similar to Ragnaros.
    3. Muru Prenerf... mechanics were simplier back then but still they were hard. One player doing a mistake from pulling aggro to standing in the wrong spot most of the time caused a snowball-effect which lead to a wipe a few seconds later.

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    Zian's Shield of Darkness. One hit and your raid wipes.
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    I'm going with Insanity on Yogg-Saron, always a favorite. I never got to LK when it was hard so I never got to see a real Defile

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    I was a newbie human rogue adventuring through elleyn forest when I got this game way back in the day........I ran into a gnoll called hogger.....I thought I could attack him then run away if he was to hard........when he started chasing me..... that was the hardest most terrifying npc mechanic I came across......NPCS CAN CHASE YOU?....NOOOOO RUNNNNNNN!

    `edit` well either that or.....this Again hogger but buffed to hell through the joys of blizzcon.....poor premonition lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by aastarius View Post
    Funny thing is, in 2-3 expansions people would probably be able to tank that kinda damage judging by the excessive bloat to health pools every expansion.

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    -Doing too much DPS on a claw/wing on Madness of Deathwing, causing it to spawn blistering tentacles prematurely.
    -Idiots passing the pheromones back and forth on Garalon.
    -Twilight Onslaught spawning in the bugged fire on Warmaster (no one to blame here, it just sucked and i hate it).
    -Tainted Cores on Lady Vashj.
    -Gorefiend's Ghosts.
    -Windbombs on Mel'Jarak.
    -The dog on Shannox that required you to hit it with your hardest nuke in next 1-1.5 seconds or it would rape somebody (Rageface, i believe).
    -Zian's Shield of Darkness.
    -Any kind of Living Bomb (you are the bomb, get away).
    -Torment, Tormented, and Countdown on heroic Baleroc (my personal favorites).

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    Shade of Aran.

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    The dude that had to be mage tanked in the High King Maulgor encounter at Gruul's Lair. All it takes is one hunter to fire off an Arcane Shot (which used to dispel magic) and the mage can't spellsteal, the mage dies, the boss starts flinging spells at everyone in the room and you all die.

    But, seriously, I'd say the most wipes I had while raiding were in phase 2 of Heroic LK. It wasn't necessarily because Defile is "hard". But when you have some derps that love to drop it directly on top of LK...

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    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    I was going to say flame wreath but then you guys reminded me of defile so I'm gonna have to agree with that.
    I still think Flame Wreath was more unforgiving. One person fucks it up, and it's a wipe. Defile you can at least sort of recover from, if the rest of the raid gets out fast enough, and the offender dies or something.

    I mean, it wasn't as hard an encounter - but then again, Flame Wreath was the only hinge on it. Other than that, it wasn't even tank & spank, it was just spank. But the mechanic was the most unforgiving.

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    as far as current tier go, people not moving out fast enough with arcane resonance on feng can nuke the whole raid in a matter of seconds

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    I was going to just reply with what I thought, Defile on Lich King.

    Seems as though I was beaten to the punch by 90% of the posters here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dakalro View Post
    Defile, by far. Out of the 400+ wipes it took to kill the bastard on 25HC this accounted for more than half the tries. You needed 20+ people able to run out fast. It wasn't on 1 person, it wasn't 100% guaranteed you had to run out which made it dangerous cause you always thought/hoped it wasn't you. You also had your usual suspects, the ones you prayed wouldn't get it.

    Defile..... I hate you.

    You have caused so many wipes, even at level 85 in LFR DS gear i remember idiots failing at it cause us to wipe. The night the openraid group (run by a outstanding RL) did HC 25 LK and both achievements at the same time was amazing. 2 wipes and then we did it flawlessly.

    Servers PUGs and other groups..... not so much.

    Defile is one of those "If one person screws up you wipe" mechanics that makes fight extremely annoying and fun at the same time.

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    Defile wins in my book.

    There have been other troll bosses too (Yogg no keepers sucked, Mimiron was a freaking troll robo gnome) but Defile was a double edged sword. One it caused you to wipe. Two it made you listen to Tirion and Bitchking RP for an hour every single fucking time. So it was like a raid wiper with a punishment where you would wake up in Goldshire/Barrens chat every single time.
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