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    I'm gonna say Sons of Flame in Ragnaros / Rag HC because IIRC, Defile required just one person to execute it properly? On Ragnaros, if you had one guy failing and his add reached the hammer, it was game over. Still remember our DK death gripping the add INTO the hammer like it was yesterday.

    Other contenders are of course, Defile, Wind Bombs on Mel'jarak, a few different mechanics on Zor'lok HC, Nefarian interrupts, not stopping DPS on Spirit Kings HC, too much DPS on Maloriak, and quite a bit on Ascendant Council HC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinoz View Post
    archimond comes to mind
    This x1000000

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    Let us not forget about the mechanics of current Tier Raids.

    As indirectly mentioned by others before: Both "Living Bomb" mechanics on Feng in P2 and especially in P3. So annoying to wipe on normal or LFR during the last 5% because someone is too stupid to spread out after Arcane Speed quick enough to not wipe the raid with the following Arcane Resonance, or wipes everyone because someone got Resonance on him and runs to the boss when Arcane Speed starts...

    Aswell on Garajal. "Why is there no healer down with the DD?" "Oh shit I had a Doll." is just one of the many examples that fucked up the entire try.

    4th boss phase 1. If the tank moves him too quick around the room or too many people run out of the group while avoiding the line of warriors -> BAM 3-4 people dead by his cleave.

    Not saying those are any harder than previous examples, just wanted to point out that there are a few of those raidkillers in current tier aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldjman View Post
    Logged in solely to post this :
    You sir have made my day, now that chant will be in my head all freaking day
    Ideally no one has ever hit the level cap of the last expansion, looked at their dungeon blues, and thought "I win."

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    It was unforgiving in the sense that if you messed it up, you died. But the raid didn't necessarily wipe because of it.
    Depends which class fucked up. Can't remember which soul it was that was dangerous though off the top of my head.

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    I'm pretty sure I mirror everybody about Defile.

    However another one that's pretty unforgiven and unforgiving was Shadow Trap. One mistake or bad placement sends you and possibly half the raid into orbit.

    And another one: Flame Wreath. That was the stuff of nightmares...
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    Flame Wreath from kara.

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    Will have to go with defile.

    Not in FatSharkYes anymore as I quit long ago - Stop asking lul
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    Defile isn't even in my top 10 on the list.

    Ice tombs on Sindragosa.

    One idiot fucks up and you see a fucking Mount Everest in your raid.

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    Magma Geyser.

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    Archimonde when a priest died. Double soul charges back to back = dead raid instantly. I don't recall defile being able to do that. Not absorbing big bang is another one that comes to mind, as well. No one takes the blast = dead raid. again. Hitting shield on Electron on Heroic. There's also the ever loving being out of position for Illidan flames in P2, making them enrage and wiping the raid if they're not low enough. Good times.
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    Much like Defile, I also hated Shadow Trap (Lich King hc) when I went back to kill him with a pug. Though it *is* fun to see people fly off the platform.

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    Defile ^^ I liked it tho... I wish my DK would get sorta same =(

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    Gutogg Bloodboils.....bloodboil. From a healers point of view that place made me want to punch a kitten.

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    Ascendant Council heroic - Frost Orbs? One guy gets something a split-second wrong or is subjected to one of the many layers of randomness and the entire raid dies instantly. Now that is unforgiving.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quotey View Post
    Magma Geyser.
    I wouldn't count Magma Geyser because Blizzard never intended it to be used like that. People were actually making it harder for themselves than Blizzard designed. If people had played as Blizzard intended Magma Geyser would never have been an issue.
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    C'thun chain lightning on pull. Run in at the same time = 37 people dead.
    Defile has the similar results.
    The raiddamage on death effect from Archimonde was a total pain aswel.
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    Heroic LK was full of them.

    Defile sucked on levels unspeakable.

    Shadow Trap also ruined you if you screwed up or hit a lag spike.

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    No love for ghosts on Gorefiend? (especially before the speed nerf, ie. when it was 10/20/30% slow not 30/60/90%)

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    Am I the only one that remembers Kil'jaeden Darkness of a Thousand Souls? "Oh sorry I used the bubble half a second too early, it's not like we were fighting for 20min already".

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    Just the act of dying in any way on Archimonde or missing shield block on illidans shear.

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