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    Pls recommend a EU realm with a strong PuG community

    Hello fellow travellers through Azeroth!

    So, after a 3 month long hiatus from WoW (The End of DS nearly killed me) I decided to come back to the game. My situation is as follows: the guild I raided with has found themselves a new tank to replace me and on top of that my RL kind of demands a lot from me, so I no longer have the luxury of having steady raiding schedule. My GL even now is tring to get me back to the raiding team but I know myself I would be a burden on the group just because I wouldn't sometimes be able to make it to the raid. And as a tank this is just not something I would like to do to my friends (being responsible and all). So here's my thought: I figured I could move and/or level an alt on a nice highly populated server with a good pugging community. This would probably be better for me as I could raid pretty much whenever I have time. Problem is - I don't know where to start looking. So I'm kindly asking you - the Great WoW Community - to guide me towards a nice PuG friendly EU realm.

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    For horde I always found wild hammer was good for pigging, for alliance chamber of aspects.
    Hd good experience on both with pugs.
    Hope you find a realm that's right for you and you can enjoy the game again

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    Frostmane was a great realm for PUGing as alliance in cataclysm

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