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    Don't hate, but I do find it often annoying. Makes me think that there's people tripping on landmines and dying on daily basis, and you people whine because your fucking virtual character has one pixel that looks funny.

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    Yeah I hate when people complain about the tiniest things, like other people's behavior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noobadin View Post
    No, I don't. What's small to you might be a huge deal to someone else.
    Couldn't agree more.

    Everyone has their own perception of what trivial and important is, like it or not.
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    Then the [MMORPG] genre started attracting more players. These players wanted more of a "game" and less of a "world" [...]

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    People have the right to complain about everything they think it is wrong. What I do hate is when people assume they are experts in game design just because they played WoW for years. I read so many stupid ideas of how to "fix" WoW... Just because you're a gamer it doesn't mean you understand how games should be made.

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