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    What happened to Emperor Lei Shen?

    Emperor Lei Shen was the first emperor of the Mogu, and I remember while questing, the zandalari resurrected the Thunder King but never heard from him since. Is he gonna be in future patches by any chance? *cough* (and maybe the old god Y'assj) thoughts?
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    Apparently there is going to be a raid based on him and the interaction of the Zandalari with the Mogu, possibly in the next patch.

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    Probably going to be the last boss in the second-last patch before the Siege of Orgrimmar.
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    Emperor Lei Shen is the thunder king. Since being resurrected, he hasn't been heard from.

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    Weird that no one has heared from him after his ress, I don't understand why the Mogu wouldn't just spread the word to their enemies about their leader secretly being back and planning to destroy everyone... I mean we have to know to stop them right?!

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    The Mogu storyline is far from being fully told yet, expecially their connections to the Titans and what they are looking for in the Vale.
    Probably it will be the focus of an upcoming raid/patch.

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    what do you mean by "hasnt been heard from since"? yes its been 3 months-ish since the xpac came out.. but we havent even had a content patch yet. so technically the story is still in chapter one. i mean if this was 5.4 or something then yah it might be a reason to question what happened. i think you might wanna be patient and see what happens in a couple of patches first.
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