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    So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!

    I have played WoW for many years... and have been thoroughly engrossed in it... however, as all things do... it's allure has slowly faded over the past few years.

    Having bought the Annual Pass for the Pandaria beta and Diablo 3... My subscription ended today. I messed with MoP during beta very little and D3 was just a real let down.

    I never ended up buying MoP... and haven;t logged in much in the past 10 months. It was finally time to say goodbye.

    MMO Champion has been a great resource for these many years and I wish you all continued enjoyment whatever game you play.

    Oh.. I used to post as Tristany... but stopped at 1337 posts! lol

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    Good luck, but "I Quit" posts are not allowed here.

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