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    BWC WoW 2012 Grand Final Last game discussion

    To be Honest, I watched all games, and I was pissed at the third match that was last 20 minutes ?!?!
    So what did Blizzard made from Arena PvP ? Shell we expect in future more of those games ?
    Damage Done will tell you who is the winner? In this time of the game, this is really not a thing that can say who was the best. There is always what class + balance.

    It's ok that Blizzard will down arena matches from 40 min to 20min, but I don't look this idea at all. I mean just watch the Tournament with end like this !!! Too much pressure then in the end all stops -.-

    /Hammer of Wrath my TV

    Who don't know what I'm speaking about or didn't watch the last match here you go the video, time 47:40, seriously I wanted to eat my TV in that moment!

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