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    Quote Originally Posted by mirodin View Post
    What do you consider to be launch? Cause a lot has change since the day it went live. UI modification, LFG tool, more graphic options... If you speak of post 1.2 then sure i can agree, but that is not launch is it.

    Around 1.2 I think, is what BioWare would have wanted to be launch, but EA got to them

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    Yeah I've returned. Here in Russia Monthly Sub cost me 10$ and 3 and more months it becomes 7-8$. I'd say it's good price for this game. Won't pay full price and won't play as F2P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telila View Post
    Around 1.2 I think, is what BioWare would have wanted to be launch, but EA got to them
    Heh, can't argue there, stopped myself around that time.The way i see it, if i don't like while doing the f2p, i'll just drop it till the next major update and try again. As a franchise this game has huge potentials, think guild capital ships, space combat ops?? space combat wz??, pazzak, swoop racing... I like their puzzle bosses hopefully we see some new interesting raid boss mechanics in the future.
    It's coming in 1.2!!!

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    Honestly I haven't come back due to F2P.

    There are entirely too many other games out right now that consume my free time (Blops2, Little Inferno, GW2, AC3 soon, Halo 4).

    Doesn't mean I won't come back though because I did enjoy the game for six months but for now I'm too busy for another time sink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forsedar View Post
    Like I tell most people- try coming back in 6 - 8 months down the road. In my eyes, things seem to be improving so hopefully in that allotted timeframe, there will be QoL features added and some things ironed out that will appeal to people once again.
    Unfortunately I don't see this.

    Sure there are some minor improvements made(Group finder).

    But there are also a ton of things that have not changed at all and blatantly show how little care this game gets from the Devs. There are still bugs that pre-date release.(Sheathed light sabers showing the glowing blades..)

    There are still promised things that are not realized. It's been 4 month since the server consolidation. There is still no character transfer available. That alone shows how little Bioware/EA is interested in the game. They can't even be assed to bring something that actually would net them money while serving a customer need. That's fucking terrible.

    The game still runs horrible on ATI graphic cards. But I guess lamenting over the terrible engine of this game is just beating a dead horse. Don't even get me started on class balance - SWTOR was for the longest time a really fun PVP experience.

    I really wanted to love SWTOR but I'm also glad I cut my losses shortly after 1.2 hit. It was in my opinion the very first sign that the Dev's don't care much about the guys and girls that actually play this game. They care about numbers and how easy something is for them to introduce/develop.

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    I plan to subbing to it again, only for the storylines though. I have no interest in Swtors endgame content.

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    There were a number of things I enjoyed about SWToR when it first came out during my subscription time. I had to unsubscribe before 50 because of not being able to pay for 2 MMO's, many of my friends were quitting and the overall shape of the game. When F2P came out, I was intrigued because I could enjoy those things again for free, story, environment, some gameplay elements. But now knowing that it is THAT restricted, down to making combat even worse, it is a huge turn off and I won't touch the game until it is completely F2P.

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    I played at launch for a few weeks, but I felt the game wasn't worth subscribing.

    At the moment I'm playing a jedi knight via f2p to check out the republic side of questing (only played empire before). Once I'm done with the jedi, I may level an IA because I heard the story was one of the best. But after that I'll probably uninstall the game and watch the other storylines on youtube. I can't say I'm happy about the f2p restrictions but I'm still enjoying the game as a singleplayer experience, so it's "playing and like it" for me.

    Also, Still waiting on Kotor 3...

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    Will only resub in the distant future when the level cap is increased. I really wanted swtor to do well to. I don't think I ever rooted for a game more than this.

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    I figured what the hell, and still had TOR installed, so I tried it. Didn't get even one quest done, tried a couple of my old toons, before I logged back out. I really liked the servers looking populated but, for me at least, adding F2P doesn't actually fix the reasons why I ended up being disappointed in the game to begin with. I wish them the best but TOR is still too short and too linear for my tastes.
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    Couple reasons I'll likely never resub:

    1. Forced name changes. Part of the reason I got in early access etc. was so I could pick my names. Then apparently they closed Hyperspace Cannon so I'll have to choose new names on a high pop server where all names are taken.

    2. Only 2 characters active. Now does this mean at a time? If I played again ever it would be to see the remaining storylines, so if I could hot-swap between which toons were active as I level capped them it really wouldn't bother me since I'd just be playing one or two at a time through the storyline. Can anyone answer that for me?

    3. All of my friends quit, and it's just not as much fun playing MMO's without friends. Sure you can make new friends, but it's just not the same as your RL friends getting together with you to LAN or being on vent together. One by one we all quit, and I know for a fact none of them will be going back.

    4. I forgot all my security info so when I tried to log in today I got myself locked out, and I'm not sure if I hate myself enough to deal with calling EA and sorting it out. Maybe in a month or so.

    5. Uncertainty of the game's future. Why put effort in when it could just fold in 6 months? Look, I really liked TOR so this isn't a "WoW is better" thing, but I have confidence that WoW will be around for years to come and I'll be able to continue playing. I don't have that confidence about TOR, and I really don't want to get drawn into something that might just end up going out right down the road.

    So who knows, maybe I'll check it out at some point, or maybe I'll just leave my toons in limbo and enjoy the memories. =) I really wish TOR had turned out differently. I was so excited about it and enjoyed many elements of the game, but in the end having to do the same non storyline quests over and over just sucked the enjoyability out of the game for me. Hit 1 50 on each side and a bunch of 20-30+s and then quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabe View Post
    Also, Still waiting on Kotor 3...
    With BioWare having been truly gutted of staff, I doubt it will happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telila View Post
    With BioWare having been truly gutted of staff, I doubt it will happen
    Did they hit the other studios too? I knew Austin was gutted but I thought Edmonton was okay.
    Sir Robin, the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot.
    Who had nearly fought the Dragon of Angnor.
    Who had almost stood up to the vicious Chicken of Bristol.
    And who had personally wet himself, at the Battle of Badon Hill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirRobin View Post
    Did they hit the other studios too? I knew Austin was gutted but I thought Edmonton was okay.

    BioWare as we know it, no longer exists. Anyone of importance is gone, from all their studios. It won't be long before there is a full-on Mythic style "merge"

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    The extended trial is not really aimed at the former subscriber. In my case what I'm allowed to do doesn't really let me play in a manner I would like

    1. Playing a max level character with the extended trial is not really viable. Two bars for skills isn't enough to adequately compete in PvP or effectively contribute in a Flashpoint

    2. The trial is useful for leveling an alt and seeing the story, but you can only have two characters. So to create a new character I would need to delete a max level one.

    3. The pricing scheme makes me feel like I'm getting ripped off. For example, an account wide unlock costs 2.25 times what a character unlock costs. But since you can only have two characters, why would you ever need the account wide unlock? This reeks of exploitation on the part of EA. Yes I know the existing characters can still be played beyond the max of two, but EA has already stated they will restrict it further in the future.

    The real angst of people on this board is they wanted a Star Wars MMO to play, and wanted SWTOR to be better than it is. There is so much potential within this game, and it goes unrealized. The only vote any of us really get is with our pocketbook. I've already paid EA for potential on this game. Until EA produces a game worth paying for, we need to stay on the sidelines instead of giving EA more money in the hopes it gets better.

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    I bought the Collectors Ed. of the game and have been sub'd since 20th December 2011. I was in on the first day of early access and I've played this game religiously 15 to 20 hours minimum a week, running multiple FP's a day and getting most of my lockouts done every week. I've gone through Nm EV and KP and got the titles, Had SM EC on farm, but could only get passed Phase 3 on Kephess. Downed SM TFB in 1.4, but was getting bored with OP's. Tried the new stuff out in the PTS for 1.5 and was pretty much UNDERwhelmed. I basically got bored with it. The new dailies are the same shit as before, with the twist that you ACTUALLY need 4 people to do a H4 quest. I got my coins, was planning to buy more, but after spending the 3050 I had, I was bored with the market.

    What didn't help was that a friend who is moving away and who works for a rival Game Studio gave me a copy of an MMO that they had put out a little while ago that had no monthly fee and that the only things from their cash shop are basically cosmetic. So I installed it the weekend before patch to try it out, and low and behold, I was hooked!

    Except for the hour I logged into SWTOR to pick up my coins and try out the market, I haven't been back on. I'm planning to unsub., use my $20 (monthly fee + $5) to get 2400 coins to unlock stuff and I'm gonna go to preferred in case I ever feel the need to go beat on bugs with my nifty glow-bat.

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    I was the biggest fan of this game. Loved it in the beginning, it had such potential. Hell i still love the game itself but have learned to loath the people behind it. Never have I seen such a great game & IP with such potential get driven into the ground as fast as this one. Every time they have a chance to ignite even the slightest glimmer of hope they find a way to extinguish it in the most ham handed, stupifyingly ridiculous way.

    The worst part is I WANT to play it but cant and wont show support for the management behind it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by igame View Post
    It's people who would have gone back to game if it followed let's say something akin to GW2 model instead of restricting every single aspect of game.
    Actually, this is what I was hoping for. I really enjoyed leveling toons in SWTOR. If they had followed the GW2 model, I would have been excited, playing, and waiting to buy additional expansions for it.

    At the very least, it would have been nice to have the option to pay to open up the warzones. All my subscription seems to pay for is more raid content. If I'm going to be raiding, I'd rather raid in WoW.

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    I tried F2P, it lasted about 30 minutes before I resubbed. Although as a guardian tank I really only use 2 actions bars for my primary commands, things like mounting and throwing the huttball are all on my third action bar, and that was rather annoying to lose. On my other characters, all of which are not even level 30, the restriction would have been easily livable.

    The fact that fleet has 2-3 instances all full on the republic side is what made me re-sub. I left the game not because I disliked it, but because I was one of 15 remaining republic players regularly on the fleet. Playing warzone matches and always fighting the same people is quite frustrating. Also 40 minute queues on warzones was really frustrating.

    Now that they have basically addressed all of the problem that I felt the game had (To many servers being the largest problem imho) I am thoroughly enjoying leveling lowbies and doing dailies every so often on my main.

    My suggestion to F2P players- take this game as a free KOTOR 3, play your class to see the class quest and realize its completely free. Jedi Knight, Imperial Agent, Smuggler, and Sith Inquisitor are 4 classes that have an amazing storyline.

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    Might install it down the road to check out F2P, but I doubt it. I absolutely hate EA for what they did to Bioware and destroying what could have been a much better product if they werent so greedy.

    Maybe if EA sells the product to someone else then Ill consider checking it out again....

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