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    Help with a "girly" transmog.

    So, I like to transmog all my toons' gear. And I have struggled struggled STRUGGLED with a set for my druid.

    I use MogIt, I've looked online at all kinds of different sources for xmog sets (including the roleplay sites, wowhead, Reddit, etc). And I've yet to find something that I like so I'm wondering if I'm focusing too much on tier sets.

    What I'd really like is something somewhat girly and something that won't make me look like a rogue. Easy to acquire is nice, but it's not necessary (currently running Black Temple every week to get the Absolution recolor for my priest, so I definitely do not mind a set that's a little harder to get).

    I'm currently using the blue Bloodfang recolor because it's pretty but I look like a rogue.

    Anyone have any ideas at all that I may have overlooked?

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    One of the transmog sets I've used on my druid and which is pretty rare is "Swashbuckler" set these are green items, pretty rare and most of the time pretty expensive on AH.

    I wouldn't call this a "rogue" look, it's special anyhow. :P.

    Any examples of what you like as transmog, which don't look like a rogue?

    Also which race are you?
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    I use http://wowroleplaygear.com/ to pick sets for my characters. It's divided by both armor class and then tier/pvp class specific gear. So I'd suggest checking out all the BOE green sets in the Leather section and not looking at the Tier/PvP section.

    Good luck, looking good is the way to play
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    Here is my idea for my troll druid set. http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items...70:30946:65193 I want to make this in the futre. Here is my actual transmog http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...azgot/advanced
    Problem is that there aren`t any fine transmog sets for druid. Nordrasill set etc. is nice but ther are many druids with it.
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