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    Looking to improve my dps

    I posted in the fix my dps thread but I don't think anyone goes there anymore
    Just looking in general to improve my dps and make sure I'm making the correct talent choices
    Item Level: 555 but the logs are with 548 ilvl and 543 ilvl
    Expectations: Better dps
    us.bat tle . net / wow/ en/ character /malygos/ Bellerain/simple
    world oflogs . com /reports / yqlknlqw4vl3v225/ 548
    world oflogs . com /reports / yqlknlqw4vl3v225/ 543
    Links are kinda funky cause I can't post them normally yet

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    Reforge hit up to 15 percent
    Get haste to 41.74% which is the next big breakpoint even if you have to socket quick yellow gems to do it.
    Also in most encounters in SoO you will be using twist of fate talent as there will be adds spawning.

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    I'm looking at Malkarok and Iron Jugguernaut from when you had 548 ilvl, since they're simple single target fights to analyze. Dot uptimes, mind blast usage and MFI usage are the top 3 problem areas I find most people run into.

    Your SWP and VT uptimes are very good at 97-98%. Because you're using DI for both fights, it's tough to see how well you're really doing at keeping MB on CD as quickly as possible. However, your DI use did significantly increase your MB use, so you're not having major issues here at the very least. Your MFI use isn't too bad, considering movement can interfere a good bit. You channeled MFI about 75% as much as DP was up on the bosses. If you anticipate movement and slightly delay DP, you should be able to increase that a bit more. You lose a bit of this luxury when using DI, though. I noticed that you are at least attempting to get another channel of MFI started right before DP falls off, so that's also good and an issue many people have. Keep trying to do that even more often. Your orb generation and spending numbers are in line decently.

    All in all, you're doing pretty well. On both fights you were also at about 85% of the dps that the top 150 shadow was for the fight, and 548 is below what a lot of peope are using. It seems to me that you're doing a good job. Just keep pushing MB more often and try to MFI even more when DP is up.

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