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    Best spec for Spiritbinder?

    The raid that I lead has come to a standstill on Spiritbinder.

    Since we're two healing it, I've decided to bring in my warlock in place of my priest (I don't like Shadow priest dps). This is a very casual run but downing this boss would be really nice and since dps is a little low, I'll be trying it out tomorrow on my warlock.

    The thing I am most curious about would be the Spirit Realm and what spec would do the best to down the adds quickly. I don't know much about Destro, so I guess what I'm really asking is would it be better to go as Affliction or Demo?

    My first instinct was to go Demo for the burst before the first Spirit Totem and then Hand of Gul'dan + Hellfire with Mannoroth's Fury talent to hit as many adds as possible.

    Does anyone know if this is viable? Or is there a better way to go about it?

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    They are all quite viable.
    During our early 25HC progression us warlocks always specced Destro as its aoe excells in the spirit realm and you double dip the healing buff.
    Also Destro can easily go down without a healer - in 25 at least, as there are are enough spirits to always have full embers. Demo on the other hand needs more heal because of Life Tap and Hellfire.

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    I can't say what's best but I run as Afflic. Take Mannoroth's Fury, go down with two soul shards, find the add in the middle, SB:SS and SB:SoC it, burst him down with drain soul finishing him then depending on how many remain you can multi dot with SB:SS or SoC if there are lots left.

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    Did as Demo, asked to go on 1st totem clear all spirits inside get 1k fury stack the buff to 22%, get out pop cooldowns = Nuclear bomb.
    Garrison Guardian / Protretardin / waste of time

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    Affliction is the best spec here.

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    On 10 I run affliction. The reason is in my gear a SB:SS does enough to kill an add. So I just dotting up everything and forget about them. I use glyph of soul consumption so I can just Drain Soul a dying add to refresh my shards and continue on my way.

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    Depends on what you need. If you are in 25man and want to destroy the adds Destro is probably the best.

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    I started as afflic on this fight, but honestly just love Destro for it. Taking MF, you cleave almost the entire spirit realm, and until 5.1, even in 10 man you can sustain yourself without a healer if you glyph soul consumption. I've become essentially the only person who goes into the spirit realm on normal, leaving the rest of the raid to tunnel and burn pretty much patchwerk style.

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