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    Question Insane Title - BSB and Steamwheedle Cartel

    So I've recently (~a week ago) obtained the Bloodsail title, Honored with BSB and I'm currently farming Steamwheedle Cartel for the Insane Title.
    I've noticed that my tracking of the achievement has unchecked BSB from the before checked achievement tracker once they dropped down under Honored.

    So the question is, is it a requirement now in MoP to actually have Honored with BSB and Exalted with Steamwheedle simultaneously to make this work?

    Thank you!

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    I remember reading they changed it so you had to be exalted at the same time for MoP.

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    I asked a GM and he didn't know the answer to this either. He told me to report it as a bug. o.O

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    People are reporting it as a bug, but Shop - do you remember offhand where you saw a blue say that?

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    I had the same problem:

    It's not a bug, since 5.1 you now need all factions at exalted at the same time.
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