And another thread I just posted on the official forums. Again, I quote myself:

Hello there. I would like to make a suggestion:

Bring back old Alterac Vally - the first incarnation that hit live servers - as a Scenario.

The first version basically was one. You attacked/defended various targets, killed bosses, did some other objectives (summoning the frost/forest lord, capturing the mines, freeing the Sky Captains etc.) - so why not just readd it as a PvE/Scenario version of the Battleground?

I have two ideas how to add it.

1.) Add one massive 40 player Scenario for each faction. This would basically work out as the BG. You have several stages where your group has to do various objectives. Thse objectives could be classified as

1.) Attacking the other faction's structures and pushing forward
2.) Defending your own structures and stop the enemy from pushing forward
3.) Doing various objectives, like defeating Korrag and tapping the Snowfall Graveyard or capturing the mines.

Each Stage of the BG would give one objective to each group. You could of course first do one objective with the whole raid, then the second, then the third and then proceed to the next stage but it should be balanced around 10-15 people per group, so you can divide the 40 players into three groups.

Just as an example for the Horde version:

Stage 1:
- Attack and capture the Stoneheart Bunker
- Defend the Iceblood Tower from hostile attackers
- Defeat Korrag the Bloodrager and capture the Snowfall Graveyard

As you can see, Stage 1 would have a boss, in that case "Korrag the Bloodrager". Additional bosses would be
- Balinda Stonehearth/Galvangar
- Ivus the Forest Lord/Lokholar the Ice Lord
- Vanndar Stormpike/Drek'thar

Additionally, there could be minibosses like the Lieutenants and Commanders (who doesn't remember our beloved abomination Lieutenant Murp?). Then we of course still have the Wing Commanders, we have the upgradable troops, the Troggs/Harpies/Gnolls etc. pp.

As for enemies, that would all be NPCs of course. But the opposite faction should have NPCs that resemble player characters. For example, have 1 NPC for each class and specc. That leaves us with 34 NPCs (11 classes with 3 speccs each and the Druid with a 4th specc). Now tripple that amount to represent different gear levels of the same class and specc, like a mix of blue/green gear, starting PvP gear and PvP epics. That would be 102 NPCs by now. Double that number again to also have a "good" and a "bad" NPC skillwise. For example two Frost DKs in the same gear, but one has lower stats and deals less damage because he has wrong stats/gems/enchants and he uses "strange" skills (for example he uses Icy Touch instead of Howling Blast). Would be 204 NPCs.

And then you choose 40 of those NPCs randomly each time you do this scenario and you have many various battles to fight in there and it feels more like a BG.

Additionally you could add some random events. For example during stage 1 Korrag has already been killed and your opponent has taken the Snowfall Graveyard. So you now have to defeat them and retake it. Another example could be that a large number of enemies is defending, so you need more people in your attacking group to overcome this challenge.

This would of coruse take quite some time, probably around 30-60 minutes with all of thise objectives, so the reward should be much higher then from th 3 man scenarios.

The other suggestion I have is this:

2.) Add three smaller Scenarios for each faction. Each of these scenarios would be based upon one of the groups I mentioned above. So you have one scenario where you are only attacking, one where you are only defending and one where you are doing various stuff (like defeating Korrag or searching for the Wing Commander).

This would allow smaller scenarios for only 10-15 players. These would also not take that much time, but couldn't have so much - if any! - random events.

Anway, that's my suggestion. I am one of the players from back in Vanilla and just loved the old version of Alterac with all the NPCs and quests. And imo that version would be a great idea for a large scale scenario, because, as mentioned above, it basically was one back then.