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    [H]Contraband - Outlands 10 man guild

    About Us

    Contraband is a mature guild with experienced members who have played together for a while. Our age range at the minute is mind twenties to thirties, so prospective members should bear this in mind when applying.

    We are looking to set up a new casual guild. This is starting setup, so the guild is not yet full. Past friends are rerolling on or transfering to Outland to join us. Prospective members will have to be patient until we get a stable raiding roster. The aim of the guild is to see and participate in WoW's PVE endgame content. In raiding, we are hoping to have a 10 man team playing two nights a week. Outside of raiding, we will do guild runs for daily questing, challenge modes, old school transmog gear farming etc. Anyone PVP minded is welcome to coax guild members into participating in that too!

    Raiding-wise, we don't want to be overly harsh on members, but we DO want to progress. We're aiming for a casual, enjoyable and helpful atmosphere. People who haven't raided before in WoW (and therefore fall short of the requirements of most raiding guilds) & who are willing to learn from mistakes and strive to improve shouldn't be afraid to join us. In fact, they're welcomed! Fresh level 90s certainly won't be turned away, but you should be actively working on improving your character.

    What We Need

    - One healer with a good DPS offspec (druid, shaman, monk, priest)
    - Two melee DPS
    - Two ranged DPS (not hunter)

    Raiding Times & Loot

    Wednesday and Thursday, 20:00 - 23:00 CEST (server time).

    If people want to raid an extra day (say we really, REALLY want to kill a boss), the occasional Sunday OR Monday can be a raid night too. Fridays & Saturdays are a raiding no-go zone. For alcohol drinking purposes...

    Signups will be made from the ingame calendar, and if you signup, it's important that you either attend on time OR let someone know you can't make it. Real life stuff happens sometimes, we get that!

    For loot, we're going to have a "who will get the most from this item" consensus with ALL the raiders, and if that fails, a suicide system.

    Sound Good?

    Whisper Kortane/Raney, Mizí/Misla or Letsgomental/Sneakykolean for a friendly chat.

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