<NICE> is a 25 man raiding guild for adults with real lives that expect the most out of WOW as time allows and like progression. We've been a 25 man raiding guild on US-Gilneas since the early days of Burning Crusade and more recently with Dragon Soul completed 8/8Heroic.

With the start of Mists, a few of our core raiders took longer to gear up and a handful of people started a separate 10 man guild so we've been running two 10 mans clearing MV normal each week. We need a few more regulars to get back to 25 man with the most need for a tank (ideally DK or Pally), one healer (any class), and ~2 DPS (we have no mages in our current core groups though we'll take anyone who knows their class well).

Our core group is made up of solid healers, several good dps, and one main tank with some of our good DPS having to go off-spec tank as, for now, we break into the two 10 mans. We expect people to know their main-spec class well and at least watch videos of fights prior to raid night. We are a no-drama guild, tolerant of failure and learning from mistakes while also expecting to clear all current content.

25 man raids will kick off again the week after Thanksgiving. Core raid times are Tues & Thurs 8PM - 11PM PST (11PM - 2AM EST) with 10 man progression or alt runs on Sunday nights same time. We have strict raid times to ensure people can maintain their real life priorities as well.

PST officers in game on US-Gilneas Roxstar, Lagging, Pholestme, or Trooze or visit nice.wowstead.com for more info and to apply.