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    <Dust> Alliance - Elune recruitment

    Dust is currently recruiting for our 10 man roster! Current needs are as follows:
    -Dps warrior/DK
    -Prot pally/warrior
    -Blood dk
    We will raid tuesday / wednesday 8pm - midnight est. We have experience clearing MV and the first few bosses in Hof. Heroic dragonsoul/firelands and other content has been completed by many of us as well. If your class/spec is not listed on our current needs, don't be afraid to contact us. We have a flexible group with a few of us that can full fill multiple roles. We are looking for people who will be dedicated to the guild and raid group, and people who will always come prepared and focused get what needs to be done in a two night raid group. All raiders currently in the group are all very experienced with each other, and end game content. Recently we have gotten together to try to start something new and successful. If you are interested in joining up as a casual member to just have some fun and chat, that is also encouraged! Please get back to me either here on the forum, in game whispers, or in game mail.

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    My in game name is Honeybüns < going to have to copy pasta it

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    bump! i will be unreachable this weekend going in the woods to slay some deer. will check in sunday night

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