Well this is pretty much just an initial thread to see if we attract enough interest to move forward with this idea. Ive recently started playing WoW again to find that a lot of my old friends have stopped playing and that my old realm was pretty much dead.

So after seeing one of the reroll guilds on the forums I decided it sounded like a good idea and decided to join, unfortunately this didn't end well and the guild didn't manage to get anywhere and quickly became inactive. On the plus side I met a friendly player who was also in the same situation as me who joined and we've decided to give forming one ourselves a go.

The plan so far is to primarily be a reroll guild, mainly so that we can Instance / PvP / Level Up together with the decision on whether or not we will cap levels to progress through old content when we have a rough estimate of numbers. And if enough of those numbers actually want to cap. If not then we will just work our way up to 90 at a steady pace. Above all though we are looking to make the guild a social guild that has a tight knit community with plenty of people willing to help one another.

We've decided that the Realm will be Ravencrest as it has a strong Alliance population. It is a PvP realm though. But after having a look around on a character it didn't seem like the ganking was bad enough to put people off.

Any who. If you are interested in this then please post a comment on the forum post. I'll add my Battle.tag when I'm next online, I don't know it without looking. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. But it is still pretty much a pilot idea so we may not know everything you want to ourselves yet.

Ive posted this on the Official WoW forums too. I often read the MMO-Champ forums but I never really post. So I thought I'd try my luck on here and see if anyone is interested.