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    As best as I can manage to copy/paste it from our WoL (they're private so can't link it). You can see the avg hit was 222k, this was on Monday (11/19)

    Spell Damage Taken Hits Uptime Absorb Misses
    # Avg Total Do Total
    Furious Swipe 6668990 63.7 % 30 222299.7 6668990 - 69627 5 14.3 %

    And from the previous week (11/12) the avg hit was 179k

    Furious Swipe 5019809 59.1 % 28 179278.9 5019809 - - 7 20.0 %

    *Edit well, the formatting of that came out all screwed up even though it looks right in the text window. Hopefully can still make it out.

    I had roughly the same Feint uptime both weeks (about 80%).
    That's 24% extra damage. If feint was broken, it would be way worse. Not to be a twerp, but you DID have elusiveness the second week, right?

    I agree that seems a bit higher, but if feint was broken, your damage taken would DOUBLE. Was your raid comp the same? Weakened blows?

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    Worked fine with a rogue on sunday, and a WW monk today.
    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer
    he wants to play ele shaman but it's always fucked up, so it's a state of permanently insulted, i understand that feeling as an ele shaman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssion View Post
    I hope they nerfed it. it was intended for TANKS to take it. THat's what makes this boss a challenge to do dps wise. If you cheese it through rogues like that, you are not doing as intended and good they got rid of it. Maybe now your dps need to be better by having tanks.
    Though one would think that rogues get taunt through symbiosis for a reason. Obviously Blizz had intentions of us tanking SOMETHING at some point.

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    definiteley played without Talent for 30%dmg reduction with elusiveness if you took 24% more dmg this week

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    OP, if you are still around, please edit your post name. Rogue tanks continue to be fully effective on Garalon.

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    might be giving this a bash tonight, is it possible to "tank" the cleave and still be able to stand in the front legs dps'ing them and cleaving boss with BF?

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    Yes. The cleave goes through the "weak point" space, although not by a huge amount.

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