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    Would like a Blue to reply please.

    So i have my main toons on illidan, However i have another toon on another server he has a lot of gold and would like to have it on my mains.. Has Blizz ever thought about making gold xfered to Different toons on different server ?

    I mean they charge $55 for a character + faction change i think a free money xfer to toons you have on other servers maybe like once a month limit would be fair.. Any suggestions ?

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    This isn't the blizzard forum OP so you aren't going to get a blue here and I don't think any idea of anything similar to yours will be happening soon simply because money is money and their a business

    Nothing more.

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    wrong website bro

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    No blues here. And the change you suggest is too attractive to RMT

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    Wrong website.

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    I dont forum post much but thanks for the heads up on the wrong site. My bad

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    how do you post on the wrong website on accident lol

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    Closing here. I am a blue! But not the blue he's referring to. I'm too cool.

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