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    [MW] weakauras export strings

    I lost all of my weakauras in a reformat - forgot to back them up.

    Does anyone have a base for things like mana tea, serpent's zeal, renewing mist that they can start me out on? Google is failing me miserably.
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    I was bored so created a couple, going to move and resize the 3 on the side and drop the progress texture and so something else...

    Also too lazy to detect if you have Ascension so rather than icons just put a number on there.


    Also have this one which is a general healer one, gives the amount of mana you have and gives an expected time until your mana bar is filled up:


    Takes into account if you are in combat or not... looks a little funny when you drink your mana tea cause it skips time.
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    Thanks for these, will take any I can get. Would love some for Vital Mists also.

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    Vital Mists should be there as an icon, think its on the right...

    Left you have Serpert's Zeal and Tiger power... Right you have Vital Mists. Then through the middle you have mana, Chi, Mana Tea, Renewing Mists, Uplift, Revival and Expel Harm.

    I don't heal very much on my monk, my shaman is what i raid heal on, so i may have missed something.

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    This is great! Just curious, what's the number in the top right? Is that the timer you're talking about until you're full on mana?

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    Never mind, that's the number of Chi I have. This is wonderful. Thanks again for posting it. I'll mold it to work for Windwalker also. Any updates you post, I'd love them!

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    if you want to get rid of the number, you can use this:


    it uses a dynamic group and checks the Ascension for the 5th Chi point.

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    Here's one I made for tracking my roll charges, then if I'm out, the recharge time until I get one again. With the proper addon setup (say bartender+omnicc) you can pull this off without an aura, but I wanted it to mesh better with my other auras.


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    i use these for my healing UI.
    i use 2 bars to show the CD on renewing mists and mana tea. having the rest as icons with overlapping CD icons and durations icons.


    heres the ones for my DPS OS

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    You wouldn't happen to have a similar group setup for Windwalker, would you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaginative View Post

    You wouldn't happen to have a similar group setup for Windwalker, would you?
    No sorry my monk is brewmaster/mistweaver, if i get time over the holidays i will modify it for WW.

    I have made some adjustments to it and also made a brewmaster version, i'll maybe post back here with what i end up with. I am raiding this week on my monk finally so we'll see what changes i make. Wrathblade has some dps auras, i would take a look at them.

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