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    How do you feel about Israel ?

    In WWII, over 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. In the aftermath of the war, most of the world showed compassion and acceptance toward the jews and most of the world supported the creation of a Jewish homeland. Personally, I have always admired the immense contribution of the Jewish people to science, arts, technology, medicine, pretty much all fields of discovery. It is a testament to the great ability of the Jewish folks that despite being one of the smallest group of people, they account for the most number of Nobel prizes awarded to any one race of people.

    However in the recent months the following events have made me rethink how much I admire the Jewish people.
    During the US presidential campaign, the Jewish lobbyists and contributors backed Romney in great numbers only because Obama wants to allow for diplomacy with Iran while Israel (and arguably Romney) want military action. As it is Israel is wrong in it's position to not let Iran have nukes because let us face it, Israel has nukes and so do Pakistan and North Korea, why Iran should not be allowed to have them is hypocrisy at it's best. Even if one was to discount all this, it is still very petty to lobby for war when majority of Americans do not want US to be involved in any other wars and another war would pretty much finish off whatever is left of the US economy.

    Recently the Hamas launched a multitude of rockets in Gaza and Israel responded, as any responsible nation should. However, the proportion of the response seems to far outweigh the Hamas action. Listening to some Israeli politicians and seeing how little they respect the lives of innocent people is just sad. What is even more sad is that the world just stands by and watches as Israel violates all basic human rights repeatedly. The western world has been sympathetic towards Israel because of what they went through during holocaust and rightly so, but how can one continue to support them in face of the extreme and ruthless amount of force Israel is using with no regard to civilian lives.

    Israel sealed off Gaza and is now picking targets one by one and executing whoever they wish. The oppressed have gone on to oppress those that have no power to fight. They could have allowed for women, children, elderly etc to evacuate but instead they sealed off all exits and started the offensive. Israel could still allow for medical supplies etc to be delivered to the Palestinians but they chose not to. This is eerily similar to something the Nazis would do and once again no one in the world seems to condemn Israel for using dis-proportionate force. The way Israel exercises their military supremacy in the region seems like Israel gets some kind of sick pleasure out of the misery of the innocent civilians.

    While I used to despise and loathe Muslim extremists like Hamas and I still do, now I think Israel is no better then Hamas or Iran. Do you think israel's response is justified? Do you think the jewish lobbyists, lobbying for war with iran instead of peace and development is what israel really stands for?

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    I think there's enough "what do you feel about Israel" in this thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...t-fire-resumes

    Don't really need another thread on it.

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