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    10 man Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Help

    Hello all,

    My guild tried 10 man Imperial Vizier Zor'lok tonight and had a decent amount of progression, but not enough to down him. I was wondering if anyone could help us with some tips, tricks, or advice. I have posted the link to the logs below. Pay specific attention to trys 13 - 15 because those were some of our best.

    We seem to have a handle on the three different platforms when we can get everyone focused and not standing in crap. What became difficult for us was in the final phase when we seemed to get a Convert and a Force and Verve almost back to back. Our problem was we would dps the converted to 50% and they would change over just as Force and Verve came our. They would not be topped off or in a bubble and we would loose them immediately (this usually came around 15% left, or 8:30 into the fight). Anyone know if we can leave them MCed until F&V is over?

    Any other advice would be helpful. We are 4/6 in MSV and we moved to HoF tonight because of the wall we have hit with Elegon.



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    I believe having Convert and Force and Verve on top of each other is just sheer misfortune. Does it repeat again and again the same way? We never had such an experience with Zor'lok.

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    If you have a convert stacked with another ability cc the converted players and focus on the other ability. Converted players don't take damage from Force and Verve or Attenuation.

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    The thing is your dps is really awful. Convert + Force and Verve at the same time happens if the fight lasts too long... For example if your affli lock is doing 38 k in 477 ilvl gear, he is doing something terribly wrong. If you improve your dps, you will have no issue with this fight.
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    As mentioned before, Converted players become allies of Zor'lok and as such, his abilities will not harm them. Simply CC them until you have a chance to break them out.

    Also, as Grimbold of Skullcrusher pointed out, your groups DPS is pretty low. You'll want everyone at least 50k if you want to progress any further.

    Zor'lok was nerfed this week, making his abilities do less damage. You could have your Disc priest go full time Atonement for the extra DPS and minor heals. Or just simply two heal it. Two healing can get crazy though if one get Converted and the other gets Exhaled.

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    One thing that we did was to have our warlock do a single chaos bolt on the mced person. The damage from a single bolt is enought to bring that person to around 50% health. This is a really fast and safe way to get that person out of mc. This also helps all other people focus on the other person that is mc'ed to get him out fast. Ofcourse the lock might be mced..

    Also remember to blow all your cds - fear/control so u won't mass fear the raid for example ;-)

    *edit - you can let em stay in the mc during the duration if they are controlled, but that just means that if a healer is controlled you will have a hard time - also you will loose some dps on the boss
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    my guild was at the same point hit a brick wall on elegon, went to hof and smashed our heads against zor'lok for a bit although our dps is alot higher so it only took a few attempts to figure it out and then after a few below 5% wipes we downed it. bring your dps up use raid cd's for force and verve and you should be good.

    hint: use symbiosis on your shadowpriest for another tranq
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    Our 2 other 10m teams are in the same spot as you guys. We made this video for them on the tips/tricks our team used to down him. Hope it helps. Elegon really is such a PITA but this one won't take you more than another night. Coordinate personal CDs vs BoPs vs Raid Walls and you'll get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimbold of Skullcrusher View Post
    The thing is your dps is really awful. Convert + Force and Verve at the same time happens if the fight lasts too long...
    I just want to echo this comment. We had been three healing it and it was always tough because we'd hit this issue. We looked into it, revamped a lot of peoples talents, gear and play style and went with 2 healers and crushed the fight. We had to be really good with our mana regen and management, and time all cooldowns properly, but it got us the kill before it get messy.

    2 Healed it with a Druid & Monk. We used Tranquility on the first Force & Verve on the Platform, and only got one on that platform due to the DPS increase. On the final phase I had Renewing mist timed on everyone, and spammed heal with her Tranquility again, then we used Potions / Healthstones & Revival.

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    After our 50th wipe to Elegon we were just demorialized when ELE trash repoped so we went in to HOF. Our first pull was sub 10% and the second pull we got the kill. The main things I can contribute are from a tanks POV.

    The one thing I noticed from our group is we ensured all stun or fears were on CD, We had a Raid wide CD rotation set up for the damn bubbles, our s.priest got symbio for an extra tranq, and if you have a druid dont forget to roar for the group speed boost on transitions.

    Looking at your WOL vs ours DPS is one thing that is lower but what is hurting your group is also the amount of avoidable dmg you are taking.

    I was by no means perfect on this fight however I took 863k dmg from teh Sonic rings ( http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/k...=13563&e=14018 ) The monk tank in your gourp took 2.87 Million dmg from it on try 11 that was the closes time wise to ours ( http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=5222&e=5688 ) This is triple the avoidable dmg that your healers need to heal through, there are probably some personal CD's being used that can be used elsewhere etc etc.

    Another thing I see is that you took dmg from song of the empress but this is also totaly avoidable if you start moving ASAP and use Roar when it's a far transition!

    This is the vid from our kill if there are any questions you may have about somethign we did please do not hesitate to PM me would love to help more if I can!

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