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    BM hunter opening

    Hey. I recently rerolled my hunter for pve. But Im abit unsure about the opener, it seems like its alot of things going on.

    So far im doing:

    Glaive Toss(to try fish in some trinket proc) -> Stampede -> Rapidfire -> BW macro (BW/LR/Use effects) -> KC -> Readiness -> KC -> GT/KC/AS spam ->
    New BW macro -> GT/KC/AS spam -> Rapidfire -> and then I just do my normal rotation wich inc GT/KC on CD and AS for focus dump.

    Also using Direbeast on CD, trying to line it up right before BW.

    Also, how do you guys use LR? on CD or save it for BW?

    Edit: I guess I really didnt ask a proper question: How do you guys do your openers / "rotation" ? Couldnt find any guides here on mmo and the one of elitist seems abit outdated aswell as missing the sinlge target rotation.

    - Warex
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    More than the specific rotation he describes, look at the reasoning and debate the people in the thread are using to decide on theirs.

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    I was a bit disappointed that thread died off without a consensus.

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    I found http://www.methodwow.com/board/showt...P-Hunter-Guide to be a good read, but again, take it with a grain of salt as I don't think there's an ideal rotation starter.
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    All the buttons! gahhhh BM is such a pain, I cant recall half the stuff I should do since I was BM last at 70 lol

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