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    This could be the most Important thing to WoW

    I really really want to play again, but need a scroll of rezzurection please!
    Character name is Risingwind on Draenor real ID is Revanar4 at Yahoo.com
    Can pay if on same realm, or we can boost char or whatever,
    anyways some help me please!

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    I'll send you a scroll, how do i add you if you're not on to accept my request though? D3, Sc2 ?

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    I'll hop on Starcraft

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    Real ID request sent

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    I am Murloc! Zka's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    This topic is actually funny

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    The most important thing to happen to WoW indeed. You deserve to have this televised, as well as a major monument constructed in honor of your character in every major city.

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    I am going to name a hunter pet and a battle pet Rising Wind in honor of this event.

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    Damn, i expected a thread where someone overnight had a genious idea how to keep wow from dying and wanted to share his snowflake thoughts with us. Instead there is a happy end story here!

    well done

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