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    Newb guides for DCUO?

    Anyone know of some good reference guides for players thinking of starting DCUO? LIke, what powers are good to level up, what each class does well, stuff like that? I'd hate to start out like I did in WoW, fumbling around on a Lock, no idea where to go, what tree to level up, etc.

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    I'd hate to start out like I did in WoW, fumbling around on a Lock, no idea where to go, what tree to level up, etc.
    That's the best part of a new experience!
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    Not for me it isn't. I'd much prefer to have an idea what I'm doing.

    Here's how bad I was starting out WoW: Used cloth gear with highest Stam for survival, used daggers with highest damage rating, Had no idea where to go at level 30 after Arathi Highlands, had no professions, tried to spec Destro for leveling...
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    You should check the DCUO PC forums, there's guides and everything all over there, I'm sure there's a starters forum or something.

    I play it too from time to time, it's pretty fun, I leveled as fire and played max level as that for a while and then bought the DLC and switched to lantern which is awesome.

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    Yeah, I'm kinda wanting to try starting out as Fire, but like, what powers do I get, how do I use them, etc. I'll check those sources.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorpious1109 View Post
    Yeah, I'm kinda wanting to try starting out as Fire, but like, what powers do I get, how do I use them, etc. I'll check those sources.
    I haven't played as anything other than a lantern for a long time so I don't remember much of anything else, but from what I remember fire powers are mostly aoe type stuff. The way it works is you choose a weapon type, and a set of powers, and use them both, weapons have their own abilities you can do, and powers have their own but it uses your power(aka mana).

    As you read you'll probably figure out what you wanna play and how the game works, imo rifles are the most fun and are what I used as fire/lantern.

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    Just get ready for trees.
    Fire has a tank and DPS tree ( you can bounce between them with where you want points) then you pick a weapon and there are several trees associated with that(plan your points), then you will have a movement power with a few different ways you can go. AFTER ALL THAT as you gain lvls you can pick other weapons to specialize in too ( More trees/point plans)

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    i haven't played in a while but i suppose i can give a quick rundown on what each power is suitable for,

    Fire is primarily tanking powers that focuses on aoe damage and knockbacks ( summoning meteors which you can pick up and hurl at enemies is fun! )

    fire have two talent trees immolation which centers around setting yourself or your surrounding on fire ( this one have the summonable meteor! ) and ignition which focus primarily on setting the enemies ablaze while offering a degree of self healing.

    ice is also a tanking power it have two trees, one called cryogenics and one called storms

    cryogenics focus primarily on damage reduction, self healing and damage reflects

    storms lacks damage reduction and self healing but focus heavily on dishing out a high ammount of single target and aoe damage.

    mental is a crowd control power the two trees are Telekinesis and illusion

    Telekineses focus on aoe damage and stuns while shielding+ buffing of your allies.

    illusion which uses fears and illusions to control the enemies

    Nature is a support power which have both group buffs and healing the two trees here are shapeshifting and plants

    shapeshifting is the support tree which as the name implies allows you to take on the form of a werewolf and a wide variety of other shapes in addition it also got group heals and group wide shields.

    plants is the healing tree which provides lots of aoe healing while at the same time being able to lash out at your enemies with vines and the likes.

    sorcery is also a support class that offers solid aoe healing and damage the two trees are summoning and destiny

    summoning allows you to summon three types of pets a guardian which works as a tank, a watcher which works as a healer and a fury which is a dps pet and also allows you to shield and heal your party members while dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

    destiny is primarily a single target tree but also offer a little bit of aoe damage and healing.

    Light ( this is bought with the fight for the light DLC ) is a support power the two trees are assault and support.

    assault is obviously a damage tree that provides a wide variety of hard light constructs to wreak havoc upon your foes.

    support on the other hand offers a wide variety of hard light constructs to shield and heal allies.

    electricity ( a part of the lightning strikes DLC ) is a healing power which branches into the voltage and amperage trees

    voltage is primarily a healing tree which offers a little bit of damage dealing and a large ammount of healing abilities.

    Amperage while also a healing tree focus more on aoe damage rather than healing.

    Earth is a tanking power that are available with the battle for earth DLC the two branches are geokinesis and seismic

    Geokinesis allows you to summon golems and throw chunks of rock at the enemies

    seismic allows you incase yourself in protective gemstones and cause earthquakes while entombing your enemies in stone.

    Im sorry if this is really vague or a pain to read so here is a link to a page that can hopefully give you a better understanding than i can


    i've tried looking for links to guides but most of them just babble about stuff which complete rookies have no chance of knowing anything about.

    oh and i haven't included gadgets since i've never gotten around to play with those powers.

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